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The New Year’s Resolutions to Make Your 2016 Marketing Explode

It’s the beginning of a New Year; what a great time to reflect on the good and the bad from last year and what commitments are needed to get the desired results.

For marketers, these eight resolutions can result in more effectively finding and engaging leads as well as optimizing customer engagement to drive pipeline matriculation and revenue growth.

  1. Keep my customers and prospects central to everything. Provide value to customers as central to everything.  This includes producing content that speaks to the needs of my customers and to helping deliver the best UX (user experience) possible.
  2. Stop sending general blast emails to the entire database. Instead send emails based on specifically defined target audiences based on digital body language.  Incorporate auto responder emails after a transaction on your website takes place to further engage the active leads.  This will improve engagement rates and pipeline matriculation.
  3. Care for leads until they show interest in speaking to a sales representative. Don’t send newly generated leads automatically to sales.  Instead provide valuable information to them based on their persona.  Only consider leads sales ready when they have a high enough lead score.
  4. Cease the buying/renting of lists that have not shown an interest in my product. Renting lists is easy – but these leads are by far the worst quality. They generally have a high bounce rate and have no particular interest in your solution.  Instead use content syndication, the amazing content on your website, webinars, and events to activate new leads.
  5. Be done with a dirty database. Try to reactivate dormant leads…you’ll be nicely surprised by old leads who are interested in your thought leadership.  Those that don’t reactivate should be washed from the database.  Standardize key fields like company size, industry, job role, and country as these fields can be used as part of your segmentation practices.
  6. Accept CASL. Yes the Canadian Antispam Laws (CASL), are painful… but there is no way around it.  So, a plan in place is a must to gather the opt-ins from existing Canadian customers and new leads. By doing this you can continue (or restart) communications with them through email.
  7. Breakout of a single channel communication. While email is the most effective channel for generating and engaging leads, there are plenty of other channels that are proving to be effective.  Incorporate multiple channels in your programs including snail mail, live events, and social.
  8. Improve mobile engagement with my leads and customers. The growth of mobile device usage is not going to change anytime soon. To improve lead engagement, commit to a mobile strategy that includes responsive design for my website and emails.  Also begin to use inherit HTML5 functions to make mobile engagement easier.

Good luck! Keep at it and these few resolutions will make 2016 the best year your marketing has ever seen.

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