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Here are the top takeaways tech marketers should know about prospective IT customers when you’re setting up marketing campaigns across media and events.

How The IT Buy Goes Down - Research Summary

Informa Tech’s 2019 IT Buying Research was developed to gain critical insight into business technology decision makers and the technology purchase process.

Geofencing: A Great Tool for B2B Marketers

Geofencing gives companies the ability to advertise to potential consumers within a specific area or geographic radius. B2B marketers can use Facebook and Snapchat to target specific corporations, campuses or neighborhoods.

State of Event Marketing in the Technology Sector

Download this whitepaper to find out how much tech marketers spend on events, their priorities and challenges, and how they measure return on investment.

Best Practices Series: Webinars

Based on our experience producing hundreds of webinars each year, we’ve developed a set of best practices to help you keep your webinar attendees tuned in.

Trends to Watch: Voice Search

Voice search may still be seen as being used primarily on the consumer side, but it is moving rapidly to B2B as it gets wider adoption. Here are tips to modify current SEM campaigns to take advantage of voice search and maximize results.

B2B Tone of Voice

If 38% of successful communication falls with tone of voice, it's safe to say that nailing this for your brand is imperative. Tone of voice communicates who your brand is; what it stands for and helps to set the foundation for your use of language throughout your campaigns.

Who’s On Brand?

Getting a cohesive brand message together can feel a bit like an Abbot and Costello routine – Who’s on brand? What’s our voice? Where’s the guy in charge of all this? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when working on your company’s brand. But the most important question is often overlooked: What is a “brand” and what purpose does it serve?

Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2019

Informa Engage’s second annual B2B Marketing Trends Report shows that marketers continue to leverage tried and true marketing tactics.

Perfecting Your Social Voice

Word choice, order, rhythm and pace play a large part in the success of social posts.

How to Boost Search Volume with Facebook Ads

How do you influence people to search for your product? One tried and true strategy for boosting search volume is Awareness Facebook Ads.

Best Practices Series: Research

Best practices for how to leverage research within your content marketing strategy to build credibility and thought leadership within your industry.