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4 Types of Content That Bring in B2B Leads on Facebook

If you’re in the B2B space trying to master lead generation through social media, you might have heard through your peers that Facebook doesn’t work. Many B2B companies are steering their lead generation budgets toward LinkedIn over Facebook due to popular myths that Facebook no longer works, and LinkedIn is where the professionals are. While LinkedIn is a pros social media network by nature, Facebook still remains the lowest cost per lead and highest volume lead generator IF you have the right content to promote.

Here are 4 types of content that win leads on Facebook consistently:

Skyscraper Content

To put it simply, “skyscraper content” is the absolute best version of the content that is currently most popular. Skyscraper content is typically created by researching the most popular content in your industry and creating something better. If the top influencers in your space are already sharing it, you’re set up for success around the topic. For more on creating skyscraper content read this post by Content Marketing Institute.

Your Most Popular Content of the Year, Re-Purposed

If you have website analytics, you should be able to easily find out what type of content you have produced is the most popular among your current audience. If your website visitors fit your target demographic, then let them tell you what works and what doesn’t! Find your top 3 most popular content pieces of the year and update them with new trends or tips.

Video Tutorials or Intro’s

Does your COO, CEO or editorial team member have a good following on social media? Use their clout to increase the perceived value of your content through video! A quick, 15 second video from a well-known influencer in your market explaining the value of your content can be very affective in getting a user through the lead form. The video doesn’t have to be a full production to be powerful. In fact, most of the time more raw videos have higher performance.

Market-Changing News

If you’re in an industry that is prone to constant change, new or current trends are never played out. Keep your audience coming back for your content by providing them with key insights such as salary standards, new technology shifts, or examples of companies adapting the latest trends. The key to selling this type of content is to have a compelling headline.

So before you give up on Facebook for your B2B lead generation, try producing one of these 4 types of content and watch your lead funnel grow again.