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5 Reasons to Say YES to Bidding on Branded Search Terms

It doesn’t matter if you are in the launch phase or an established brand, branded search terms in your PPC campaign are critical to success. From increasing click rates to boxing out your competitors, these are just a few of the top reasons to embrace bidding on your branded search terms.

  1. PPC and SEO are Best Friends:  Everyone’s goal in search is to dominate the first page and get the highest possible rankings. However, great SEO and high brand ranking is only half the battle.  To own as much real estate on the SERP (search engine results page) as possible, paid SEM is crucial. Google research shows that having a paid ad along with your top organic ranking can produce amazing results. This study found that 50% of the clicks on paid ads are incremental when the brand is ranked in the #1 organic position, 82% are incremental when the associated organic result is ranked between #2 and #4, and 96% are incremental if ranked #5 or below.  By combining the power of paid & organic SEM on your brand terms, you will increase your overall results.
  2. Competition is good, Winning is Better: We would never let a competitor have access to our customer or prospect email list, put signage at our customer event or invite them to join a sales call. So why would we let them have our customers and prospects at one of the most valuable purchasing decision points, when they are searching for your company or product by the brand name? Bidding on your competitor’s brand terms is now common place and a great way to take advantage of highly qualified traffic. Don’t let this happen to you! Even if your organic ranking is #1, it could be pushed down the page by a flashy new ad from your competitors! The good news is due to your site ranking, when you bid on your branded search terms you will always win.
  3. Maximize your Message:  Let’s face it, organic listings are boring. They serve a very specific purpose of maximizing search rankings and using simple language to explain your brand. Paid ads give you the opportunity craft a message that is exciting and will grab the attention of your target audience. You can also control the experience by determining the right landing page, adding interesting site links to drive prospects/customer to the right product/service and add promotional discounts. The big search providers are regularly adding new and exciting upgrades to paid adds and this allows marketers to bring their brand to life.
  4. Cheaper is Better:  Maximize your budget by bidding on your branded keywords!  These keywords are like magic, they are cheap and will have your highest conversion rate. Need I say more?
  5. Make it Easy to Buy:  Your customers and prospects have limited time and energy to engage with your products and services - make it easy for them! They have made the effort to do the research and have come to a decision that your brand is worth more of their time or are ready to purchase. They have gone to their favorite search provider and typed in your brand name, time to take advantage. Show them that you own your space with both paid and organic listings.  Have an engaging ad that takes them where they want to go on your site. Your branded search paid ads are like a hand shake on a done deal.

Try it! Test all the options and keywords available to you, see what works best. Adding this strategy into your digital marketing plan is an easy win with a low cost. Your customers, ROI numbers and boss will thank you!