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7 Epic Content Formats to Reach and Engage Tech Pros

Sometimes the medium is the message. How you present information to potential customers matters. UBM Tech’s 2015 Content Connects research study looks at the content consumption preferences and habits of business technology professionals. Here we share a handful of the most popular formats and best practices for each + how to avoid epic fails.

Why Smart Tech Marketers Are All Spending On Native Advertising

Native advertising helps bridge the gap between editorial coverage and advertising, and smart tech marketers are taking full advantage of this form of content marketing. According to our own 2015 Content Connects research, two-thirds engage with native advertising by clicking on the vendor’s link. Two-thirds!

Best Practices: Digital Display Advertising

This guide serves to help tech marketers and advertisers better plan and measure the success of their display campaigns. The following insights are based on digital campaigns run on UBM Tech’s IT media sites, InformationWeek, Dark Reading and Network Computing.

How To: Optimize Your Tech Event Sponsorships

Sponsoring industry events can go a long way in helping to achieve your marketing goals. Our experts take a look at some of the best practices to observe in order to ensure maximum ROI across your integrated industry event activities.

Why Audience Is Key To Your Blogging Success

With all of the changes and its ubiquitous nature, some critics claim blogging is dying. We disagree, of course. Blogging retains – and continues to expand on – its value.

3 Tips For Making Infographics Informative & Creative

Infographics are an important part of your marketing mix. In fact, they are the fastest growing content marketing tactic for the second year in a row! These are 3 tips to putting infographics to work.

Best Practices Executive Brief: Research

Original research helps you understand your customers’ business challenges, purchase plans, and perceived barriers to adoption. Download the best practices executive brief to learn how to get started on your on research, and make sense of your results!

4 Truths about the Buyer’s Journey & Content Marketing

These are a summary of the themes and ideas that resonated during Content2Conversion. The first of four themes is that the buyer's journey is never linear which means that marketers need to enable buyers to back-up, skip, drop-out and re-enter the process.

White Paper Best Practices

UBM Tech's VP, Content Marketing, shares her checklists for producing white papers that educate the market about key technology trends and ultimately compel these decision makers to investigate your solutions. Read on to learn how to position your content for credibility and get specific tips so your content will be noticed and shared.

How Brand Monitoring Informs the C-Suite

Now, more than ever, you have the ability to refine your brand monitoring strategies to extract the specific information internal stakeholders need to make critical business decisions. While sophisticated brand monitoring strategies may require more time and investment, the benefits far outweigh the opportunity cost.

Millennials Redefine Business Tech Buying Decisions

Businesses that want to prep Millennials to make these business decisions should arm them with the data and analytical insight they need to inform their choices. They should also foster a culture of collaboration, which Millennials will crave when it comes time to make important judgment calls. The ability to work with members of their team, employees across the organization, and vendors will be critical when it comes time to make B2B purchases.

Stunning Social Media Engagement @ GDC San Francisco

The success of our social media efforts is the result of steady, hard work from a dedicated team, a clear vision and strategy, no fear of interaction with our audience, quick reactive fingers, and most importantly a good eye and witty sense of humor.

Attendee Perspective: 5 Critical Evaluations

I attended the event MAGIC in Las Vegas and was blown away by their ability to provide the perfect environment for sponsors, exhibitors, and conference attendees to connect with one another. The experience made me recall my mental tick list of what can sway a prospect’s decision to attend an event, and what an attendee expects to get out of an event.