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Infographic: Social is a Business Imperative

Social media is critical in the age of digital business. How can IT help? First, work with the marketing team to set up social networking programs on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, at minimum. Then work to put social media sentiment analytics in place to measure success.

Twitter's Enduring Struggle: ROI

The three top challenges marketers still face are measuring results and ROI (45%), building an audience (42%), and generating engagement (27%). While nearly half of businesses struggle to measure their success and ROI, they feel their presence on the social network is mandatory.

How Effective Is Your Display Advertising?

Last week I attended Bizo’s B2B Funnelmentals Tour, a half-day conference that covered how to use targeted display and social advertising. It quickly became apparent that there’s a great deal more that I could do to create an effective display ad campaign – that’s where the targeting comes in.

Infographic: The State of Digital Marketing 2014

What's the state of digital marketing in 2014? Brand awareness is back with a vengeance ... or at least that's what our 2014 Digital Marketing Priorities survey of technology marketers is telling us.

Check out this new infographic to see what’s driving b-to-b marketers’ digital strategy for the coming year.

Tech Marketing Progress: An Inside Perspective

I had the pleasure of interviewing Gayle Wolski, UBM Tech veteran of nearly 10 years and insider to all things Tech Marketing 360. We spoke about her background, the technology marketing space, and Tech Marketing 360 from a first-timer's perspective because, well, I’m going to be a first timer at the conference.

2014 Digital Marketing Priorities Report

The 2014 Digital Marketing Priorities Survey was commissioned by Create Your Next Customer and executed by IT Marketing World to identify trends and best practices for today’s digital technology marketers.

Don't See A Business Need For A Digital Strategy?

The 2014 InformationWeek Digital Business Survey reveals the reasons why small and large companies don't have a digital strategy. The most shocking result is the number of small companies that don't see a business need for a digital strategy - especially compared to the large-company respondents.

Want More Leads? Focus on Top of the Funnel Brand Marketing.

Forrester Research estimates that more than 50% of vendors are eliminated by a potential decision maker before a sales rep is contacted. To mitigate that, the historical approach may have been to hire more sales folks.

Not anymore. If tech buyers aren’t even picking up the phone or sending you an email until late into the decision making process, more sales reps isn’t the answer.

Infographic: The 4 C’s of Social Media

Our newest infographic “The 4 C’s of Social Media,” based off the Social Media @Work research report, illustrates how tech buyers and marketers are currently using social media, and how these four strategies can be used to get the most out of future social media efforts.