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InformationWeek 2014 Cloud ROI Survey

General Electric and Airbnb take very different approaches to measuring cloud computing's value. Their strategies, plus data from our exclusive survey, show that calculating cloud ROI is far from an exact science.

Gov Cloud: Executive Initiatives, Enterprise Experience

Cloud computing has been endorsed by everyone from the president on down as a key way to make government IT more efficient and responsive. Planning a move should be on every agency's to-do list. If you're a cloud service provider, this report will help you understand the questions government CIOs and IT leaders are asking before they migrate to the cloud.

Cloud Security and Risk Survey

This Chart of the Week is a preview into the upcoming InformationWeek Report, Cloud Security and Risk Survey, which reveals new research on business technology executives top cloud concerns and the top drivers of cloud services.

Best of Interop 2013 Winners Announced

The Best of Interop award recognizes innovation in eight tech categories, including networking, cloud, security, mobility and more. Winners include Arista, ExtraHop, Talari Networks and Citrix.

Firefighters See Problems, CIOs Must See Opportunities

As the IW 500 Conference kicks off this week, IT leaders rank BYOD and cloud among their biggest challenges. But the smartest CIOs look beyond the negatives. Rob Preston, VP & Editor in Chief, InformationWeek shares some of the top challenges and opportunities CIOs and IT leaders are facing today.

InformationWeek Analytics - Private Clouds

Private Clouds: Powerful Convergence or False Promise?

IT leaders rightfully debate how extensively they should embrace cloud computing techniques inside their data centers, and what kind of benefits they’ll get. But make no mistake: Private clouds do offer a new and powerful data center strategy.