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The 4 Skills Every Successful CMO Possesses

As marketing has been transformed by the digital revolution, so has the role of the Chief Marketing Officer. Here are four skills a CMO must employ if they want to succeed.

A Marketer In IT's Court

It is unfortunate how rarely IT and Marketing compare notes, learn from each other, and make common cause. So let's spend some time interrogating these similarities.

CIO Vs. CMO: Can't We All Just Get Along?

PwC chief technologist Chris Curran discusses in InformationWeek's video how to turn infighting between IT and marketing into a productive partnership.

CIOs Cede Digital Transformation Ground To CMOs

88% of executives and digital strategists indicated that their company is undergoing a formal digital transformation effort this year, according to the report. But only one quarter said they mapped out the digital customer journey and have a clear understanding of new digital touch points.

CIO-CMO Relationship: Plagued By Digital Pretenders

Why do CIOs have strong relationships with every other executive in the C-suite except the CMO? When you boil it down, CIOs and CMOs often don't see eye to eye because they have their backs to each other. CMOs are looking outward toward the customer while most CIOs are looking at internal business operations. It’s time they face each other or risk falling flat on the transition to digital.

The CIO's 2 New BFFs

Is your business digital? A better question to ask is: Which part of your business isn't digital? Most organizations -- whether they are corporations, government agencies, healthcare organizations, or educational institutions -- are now digital at the core, including their interactions with customers.

The Transformative CIO?

Trying to meet today's business technology needs with yesterday's IT organizational structure is like driving a Model T at the Indy 500. Time for a reset.

Tie Tech Innovation to Business Strategy

There's never enough money or manpower for innovative IT projects. The media keeps saying the solution is for CIOs to work more closely with business leaders and CMOs. But how, when the IT team is barely staying afloat?

CIO's Real Boss: The Customer

Not long ago, CIOs were the only C-suite executives with a meaningful understanding of technology. Now, others in the C-suite are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and this has worked to the benefit of CIOs. The study shows that others in the C-suite -- especially chief financial officers and chief marketing officers -- are more inclined to collaborate with CIOs than ever before.

Content Connects Peers

In late fall of 2013, UBM Tech conducted the Content Connects Research survey of nearly 250 business technology professionals to determine the types of content they rely on to make purchasing decisions. This presentation reveals our survey findings and offers a number of tips on how to differentiate your brand with materials that leverage the power of peers' influence, and, in turn, increase sales.

IT Is At The Center Of Your Business

The reality is that IT is (or should be) deeply involved in most businesses decisions. No matter what role IT plays in your organization, it must keep the customer at the center of all decisions and have the tools in place for an exceptional experience.

CMOs Optimistic About 2014 Marketing Budgets

According to a newly released Forrester and BMA research, CMOs from b-to-b companies are feeling somewhat optimistic when it comes to marketing budgets in 2014. While 45% expect budgets to remain flat compared with 2013, one third (32%) expects budgets to increase.

How CIOs And CMOs Can Be Better Partners

CMOs and CIOs know they need to find ways to work together more closely in what Forrester is calling the "Age of the Customer," but many executives see it as an alliance of necessity more than a exciting relationship. For this partnership to get results that improve the business, CMOs and CIOs must collaborate in three areas.

6 Ways CIOs Can Stay Ahead Of Customers

The customer is still always right, but now the customer is always everywhere as well, using mobile apps and social media to find a better deal, switch brands, and publicly criticize your product. But empowered customers aren't just a sales and marketing problem; they're also an IT problem now...