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The Four Pillars of B2B Native Content

The “Four Pillars of B2B Native Content” should serve as a jumping off point for creating content for your native advertising program.

How to Host a Successful Twitter Chat

I did a significant amount of research prior to my first Twitter chat for UBM Tech. Here are my Twitter chat pro-tips so you don’t have to rely on luck for success.

7 Epic Content Formats to Reach and Engage Tech Pros

Sometimes the medium is the message. How you present information to potential customers matters. UBM Tech’s 2015 Content Connects research study looks at the content consumption preferences and habits of business technology professionals. Here we share a handful of the most popular formats and best practices for each + how to avoid epic fails.

Best Practices Executive Brief: Infographics

One of the most effective ways to present information and data today are the use of infographics. Infographics appeal to consumers because people love facts and figures … But, not all infographics work. Get some quick tips on how to create infographics that work, download our Best Practices executive brief.

2015 Tech Marketing Priorities Research

The results from our third annual technology marketing priorities survey show that trade shows and events, and content creation are the most successful marketing tactics. Download the research to learn about tech marketing priorities, challenges, budgets, and much more!

Top 10 Most Valuable Types of Tech Content

UBM Tech's InformationWeek recently polled its community of business and technology decision makers to find out which information types they find most valuable. Click to see our newest infographic on their top 10 - and what it might mean for your content strategy.

4 Keys to Creating Hummingbird-Friendly Content

Google is emphasizing conversational search with its new Hummingbird search algorithm, placing a premium on relevant content in response to vast numbers of unique search queries, as well as the increasing shift to mobile search. Here are four ways content creators and PR pros can build relevance into their content creation strategies.

Content Marketing Rules in Cleveland (Yep, Cleveland!)

Last week’s Content Marketing World played host to more than 1,740 digital marketers in Cleveland. Yep, Cleveland. The home of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is now the center of content marketing – or at least declares Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi.