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Display Advertising Best Practices Guide

Our goal with our Display Advertising Best Practices guide is to help tech marketers and advertisers better plan the display ads that they create to make their display campaigns more effective. We cover how to set your campaign goals, track your display ads’ performance, and breakdown the attributes and best practices.

Mobile Ad Blocking Surged 90% In 2015

Advertisers have to produce content that people want, without attempting to dictate terms, or hindering the viewing experience.

Why Smart Tech Marketers Are All Spending On Native Advertising

Native advertising helps bridge the gap between editorial coverage and advertising, and smart tech marketers are taking full advantage of this form of content marketing. According to our own 2015 Content Connects research, two-thirds engage with native advertising by clicking on the vendor’s link. Two-thirds!

Best Practices: Digital Display Advertising

This guide serves to help tech marketers and advertisers better plan and measure the success of their display campaigns. The following insights are based on digital campaigns run on UBM Tech’s IT media sites, InformationWeek, Dark Reading and Network Computing.

Techies In Advertising: Hits & Misses

IT professionals have been portrayed in advertising campaigns for a few decades now. Yet ad agencies keep getting it wrong, so wrong. Business-to-business ads, such as those from computer companies for enterprise buyers, generally do better on this score, as you'd expect. But not always.

How Effective Is Your Display Advertising?

Last week I attended Bizo’s B2B Funnelmentals Tour, a half-day conference that covered how to use targeted display and social advertising. It quickly became apparent that there’s a great deal more that I could do to create an effective display ad campaign – that’s where the targeting comes in.