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Be Generous With Your Content

Answer this question: Are you committed to content in your marketing? If not, your company may die.

EE Times Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch

The Silicon 60 Report is the electronic industry's preeminent research into the top, privately-held startups and companies active in the market. There is a lot of turnover on the list this year, with over one-third of the companies that appeared in the last ranking dropping out this year - see who made the cut!

Electronics Decision Makers Leverage Online Sources

UBM's Global Distributor Customer Evaluation Study took an in-depth look at how designers, corporate management, and desgin executives use online sources to gather information on products and suppliers.

The study, which was released to a select audience at the recent EDS tradeshow in Las Vegas, demonstrates that online resources remain a key method for gathering information and choosing sources.

Launching Mid-October | EE Times’ PCB Designline & EDN’s PCB Design Center

The world of printed circuit board layout is changing rapidly, from increasing signal speeds and smaller, lighter flex circuits; to newer materials and standards; to collaborative, cloud-based design tools to enable design teams do more. The humble PC board, along with its layout and manufacture, has become as tightly coupled to a successful system design as it has to the choice of components, software, topology, and user interface.

Both of these new design areas are devoted to helping all players involved to track, understand, discuss, and respond appropriately to the constantly evolving matrices of change that affect their ideas, designs, and overall business success

Mind of the Engineer

Gain critical insight into the Mind of the Engineer through this Executive Summary white paper. The research provides insight on top concerns and issues weighing on the minds of engineers worldwide. Engineers from North America, Europe, and Asia were queried through a web survey and 2,623 useable responses were received.

Mind of the Engineer - Top 5 Marketing Myths Infographic

These 5 misconceptions will help you better understand how to market to engineers. If you think any of these statements are true... well, stop. Check out the infographic and white paper here to learn more.

IoT World to Increase Intelligent Connections Everywhere

IoT World launched as a new online community devoted to the coming wave of intelligent connected devices. The website will consist of blogs, message boards, live chats, videos, whitepapers and other educational resources to help readers track the evolving technologies, standards and market dynamics of the Internet of Things.

UBM Tech's Patrick Mannion Promoted to Vice President/Brand Director Electronics Group

UBM Tech today announced that Patrick Mannion has been promoted to Vice President/Brand Director Electronics Group. In this newly created role, Mannion will be responsible for the direction and growth of all of the company's electronics brands that serve design engineers and the electronics industry with essential business and technical information.