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Gmail Tabs: Marketers Strike Back

The jury's still out on whether Gmail's tabbed interface, which routes marketing messages and other mass-blast email to secondary inboxes, will have a lasting effect on businesses that send email to customers, prospects and other external groups. Some companies aren't waiting for the verdict.

Will Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox Kill Email Marketing?

Last week, Gmail introduced the "Tabbed" inbox which will automatically sort all email communications into five tabs. The benefits for users are obvious, but (at least) one of the tabs could spark a radical shift in the way marketers set their email campaigns.

5 Tips To Get Your Emails Read

Knowing that inboxes are full and billions of emails are sent each day, how do your important emails rise above the noise? Guided by a recent piece from Mashable – I wanted to share a few tips that may help increase the likelihood of your emails being read.

How to Put Holiday Cheer Into Your Emails (And How to Not Do So…)

How can you incorporate some holiday cheer into your email communications to increase impact and avoid being too cheesy or annoying? To make sure you don’t wind up with a rock in your bag this Halloween night like poor Charlie Brown, follow this advice on what not to do with your holiday emails...

Vertical Audiences: How To Optimize Engagement

Targeted communications to a specific audience of prospects can be very effective. Over the last eight years, I have worked on vertical lead generation email programs and learned quite a bit about what drives engagement and performance, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

Email & the Customer Engagement Model

Email is still a leader in return on investment and engaging audiences as demonstrated in recent studies. While email is performing, there are three major dynamics at play that are creating opportunity, as well as challenges for email marketers. Shannon Ryan, GM of Online Marketing Summit will share her insights with tech marketers and don't miss the Two Minute Take video including insights on email and the customer engagement model.

Worst Email This Month? Time To Re-Focus On Customer Value Propositions

This might be the worst value proposition I have been delivered in a while.
Nothing about what the company offers, why my organization needs the solution or how it can help our business. Besides not doing their homework (we already have marketing automation software installed), the sender moves right to making the offer for his software by June 30/end of the month. The deadline happens to meet their quarter end. You think they have a number to make?

To Scare Or Not To Scare? That Is The Question…

Over my years in tech marketing, I’ve learned that subject lines that include “scare” tactics perform quite well when used thoughtfully. This is not for shock value. Rather, I use this approach –when appropriate - because speaking to vulnerabilities, challenges and threats professionals face in the role works for the reader and works for driving engagement.

Email Content and Design: Best Practices To Drive Conversions

In November last year I was tasked by Scott Vaughan, UBM TechWeb’s CMO, to share the strategy and tactics we use to drive email conversions of business and technology professionals based on the millions of email engagements and tens of thousands of unique pieces of content we utilize at UBM TechWeb.

The paper, titled “Email Content and Design: Best Practices To Drive Conversions” was published this week and is available for download below.

Best Practices Series: Email Content And Design

Tired of words like relevance and reach? Looking for research that goes beyond recommending the best font color for your creative copy, or the optimal time to send an email?

Roll up your sleeves and try a new conversion system – one that is simple, tested, and that delivers improved engagement.

“Email Content And Design: Best Practices That Drive Conversions” reveals the ...

Who Are You Trying to Reach?

As tech marketers, we all know the value of an email address and how important it is to not clog a potential customer’s email with unwanted email. Is there a magic spell you can cast to get your reader to open your email? It may not have come from Hogwart’s, but Yahoo!’s 3 Rs of Email Contact Strategy (from MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit 2011) will get you on the right track.