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Google: Mobile Searches Overtaking Desktop

In an indicator that smartphones are becoming consumers' top platform when it comes to daily activities, search giant Google announced more of its searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 different countries, including the US.

About Those Shorter Titles in Google... New Useful Tool

Moz was kind enough to roll out a handy little tool that allows you to preview your titles as they would appear (approximately) in Google. Please check it out, share it with your comrades, and USE IT!

Google To Factor Security In Search Results

Google finds that testing whether websites support HTTPS, among its many ranking signals, improves the relevancy of its search results. As a consequence, any website concerned about where it ranks in search result lists -- which means most websites -- will want to implement HTTPS support if it hasn't already.

Copy Quality: New Imperatives for Communicators

How does one determine whether or not a piece of content is low quality? Understanding how to build/create quality content is a mandate for all communicators creating digital content. Google offered insights into how, when building the Panda algorithm, they determined whether or not content was quality.

Will Google+ Page Insights Make A Difference?

I know I’m not the only one who ignores Google+ as a marketing tool. Despite the fact that I’ve seen more tech event registrations come from Google+ than LinkedIn, and know that promoting content on the platform can raise search rankings, I haven’t even attempted to use it in a professional context. That marketing skepticism may change as Google recently made analytics data available for Google+ pages.

Google Changes Title Display Length in the Results

Google recently changed their search engine results pages in an attempt to further optimize for mobile devices. This is an important change that emphasizes the need to properly optimize for placement of search terms (keywords) as well as for length.

The Effects of Hummingbird on Search and Social

What effect has Hummingbird had on search and social? Earlier this year, the Social Media Club NYC hosted an event that assessed the impact the new algorithm has had for internet users users and brands. One of the topics covered: What is the future of Hummingbird for users and marketers?

4 Keys to Creating Hummingbird-Friendly Content

Google is emphasizing conversational search with its new Hummingbird search algorithm, placing a premium on relevant content in response to vast numbers of unique search queries, as well as the increasing shift to mobile search. Here are four ways content creators and PR pros can build relevance into their content creation strategies.

Establish Your Thought Leadership With Google In-depth Articles

Last week Google rolled out a new feature on the main Google Search results page to help users find in-depth articles that are relevant to their search. Why is this important for B2B marketers? This could be a great new tool if your website includes articles that promote your expertise on a given topic.

What Happens Online In 60 Seconds?

What happens during the average minute online? Qmee posted the answer last week in an awesome new infographic and the results are staggering.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter Can Expect To See Increase In Ad Spend

In this week’s chart from The Creative Group, we clearly see that advertising and marketing executives believe there will be an increase in social media advertising/marketing investment in the next 12 months. According to The Creative Group’s 2012 national survey, more than 60% of respondents believe there will be an increase in spending with Facebook; while just a little over half believe the same is true for LinkedIn.

Will Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox Kill Email Marketing?

Last week, Gmail introduced the "Tabbed" inbox which will automatically sort all email communications into five tabs. The benefits for users are obvious, but (at least) one of the tabs could spark a radical shift in the way marketers set their email campaigns.

Social Login Certification Could Ease User Fears

Social login is a trend that seems to be catching on; allowing users to easily register for websites and mobile apps by using their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ account. But users have mixed feelings about it. InformationWeek's The BrainYard offers a possible solution - Gigya SocialPrivacy Certification.

Network Computing Launches Premier Cloud Computing Buyer's Guide

UBM Tech's Network Computing launched its Cloud Computing Buyer's Guide: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Twelve top IaaS vendors — Amazon, GoGrid, Google, IBM, Internap, Joyent, Microsoft, NaviSite, Rackspace, Savvis, SoftLayer and Terremark — are represented.

What I Learned From Online Marketing Summit Silicon Valley

It’s been a few weeks since I attended Online Marketing Summit. The event provided me with so much relevant information, that it took me some time to digest it all. In addition to learning, I was able to meet new people and share a little about what I was doing in my world.