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Social Networking Stats: Google+ Hits 400 Million Users, One-Fourth Are Active; #RLTM Scoreboard

Last week, Google Senior Vice President, Engineering Vic Gundotra announced that 400 million Google users have now upgraded to Google+. Of those, 100 million are “monthly active users” on Google+. In other words, one-fourth of all users who make the upgrade become regular users of the service. The numbers still pale when compared to Facebook’s 955 million active user number, but Gundotra reminds us that Google+ launched from beta just 12 months ago.

Slideshow: 10 Best Business Tools In Google+

Your business probably has a Facebook presence, and there's a good chance you're active on Twitter, as well. But what about Google+? You might be suffering from social media exhaustion, but it's one platform you shouldn't ignore.

Slideshow: 5 Social Networks To Achieve 10 Business Tasks

Thinking about using Facebook and other social networks to boost business? It's not enough to post everything on every platform. In fact, such a strategy could backfire. It's best to examine what each platform does best and align your organization's needs accordingly.

Google+ Local Does More Than Google Places

By combining local information with social networking, Google hopes to make Google+ more relevant for users and businesses.

Continuing its effort to augment its services with social capabilities, Google on Wednesday introduced Google+ Local, the result of crossbreeding between Google Places and Google+.

Google Knowledge Graph: How It Changes Search

Google has enhanced its search service to augment search results with sets of associated facts, an improvement that demonstrates greater understanding of queries.

Google calls this innovation a Knowledge Graph. Just as Facebook's social graph is a set of associated data about people and their friends, Google's knowledge graph is a set of associated data about a specific search query.

Social Media: A Major Factor in Search Engine Ranking

Google announced in late 2011 that they would be implementing two changes to their business model and to the functionality of their search engine. First, they are consolidating user information and activity across multiple applications, including YouTube, GMail, Google Search, and Google+. Second, they are going to use this information to tailor search results in their search engine to individual users. This means that a searchers’ connections and preferences in YouTube or Google+ can impact whether or not a site is returned in a search result and where it gets returned.