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Gov Cloud: Executive Initiatives, Enterprise Experience

Cloud computing has been endorsed by everyone from the president on down as a key way to make government IT more efficient and responsive. Planning a move should be on every agency's to-do list. If you're a cloud service provider, this report will help you understand the questions government CIOs and IT leaders are asking before they migrate to the cloud.

Infographic - Government IT Priorities

The 2014 InformationWeek Government IT Priorities Survey shows federal IT pros care about security - it's rated as very important by 69% of respondents, 30 percentage points ahead of the No. 2 priority, disaster recovery. Will the upcoming NIST cyber-security framework help manage risk?

2014 Government IT Priorities: What Tech Marketers Need To Know

The US federal government spends more than $80 billion annually on IT and related services – a nice chunk of change for tech marketers to pursue. Get the full scoop on what IT government decision makers will be focused on (and worried about) in 2014!

Federal IT Budget To Increase In 2014

Federal IT spending will increase nearly 2%, to $82 billion, in the fiscal 2014 budget submitted by the White House on Wednesday. It's the first significant increase in federal IT spending in four years.

2011 Federal Government IT Priorities Research

In InformationWeek’s third annual Government IT Priorities research report, we surveyed 131 federal IT pros to guage how federal IT teams are managing the Obama administration's technology mandates and the many other priorities on their plates.