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Exhibitors: See into the Minds of IT Pros

Gain critical insights needed to engage IT pros, plus takeaways exhibitors must know about the prospective customers they talk to at trade shows.

IT Spending Expected To Pick Up In 2017

Many IT leaders didn't have high hopes their budgets would grow in 2016. But as they look ahead to 2017, optimism has taken hold!

2015 IT Spending Worldwide: A Summary

A quick summary of Gartner Group's findings of its third-quarter 2015 and 2016 IT spending projections. What's down and what's growing? Click to find out...

IT Budgets Struggle With Data Growth

Technology executives overwhelmingly agree their greatest struggle is managing the rapid growth of data and the resulting strain it is placing on their budgets. The sooner business lines get involved in addressing their looming storage crisis, the better.

IT Budgets Up In 2015, Hiring Tepid

The good news is that IT pros expect their budgets to increase in 2015. The bad news is that they don't expect to get much staffing help as they manage an influx of new technology.

Infographic: A New Era in Information Security

Our latest infographic shares results from the InformationWeek 2014 Strategic Security Survey. The infographic assesses the current state of security programs, where organizations are focusing their security efforts, and how IT is adapting to current threats and trends.

Health IT Growing Rapidly Through 2017

The North American health IT market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.4% to reach a total value of $31.3 billion in 2017, compared to $21.9 billion in 2012, the research firm Markets and Markets predicted in a new report.

CIOs' 2014 Top Concerns & Projected Spending

The 2014 IT Industry Forecast, released by staffing firm TEKsystems, reveals top concerns and expected spending for the coming year. Learn more about the IT leaders’ expectations for 2014!

Federal IT Budget To Increase In 2014

Federal IT spending will increase nearly 2%, to $82 billion, in the fiscal 2014 budget submitted by the White House on Wednesday. It's the first significant increase in federal IT spending in four years.

Research: State of Servers: Full, Fast and Diverse

InformationWeek Reports announced the release of its latest research report State of Servers: Full, Fast and Diverse. The report includes analysis from InformationWeek 2012 State of Server Technology Survey and examines the top trends to calibrate market movement and vendor plans against the real-world actions of IT practitioner.