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Research: 2014 Strategic CIO Priorities

In our InformationWeek 2014 Strategic CIO Survey, we asked IT executives for their views about their IT organizations, the role of the CIO, and their innovation priorities around technology.

Cloud Security and Risk Survey

This Chart of the Week is a preview into the upcoming InformationWeek Report, Cloud Security and Risk Survey, which reveals new research on business technology executives top cloud concerns and the top drivers of cloud services.

2014 Government IT Priorities: What Tech Marketers Need To Know

The US federal government spends more than $80 billion annually on IT and related services – a nice chunk of change for tech marketers to pursue. Get the full scoop on what IT government decision makers will be focused on (and worried about) in 2014!

The Risky Business of Managing Risk

Metrics, data classification, governance, compliance—and vendors—are all part of the risk management equation. This new InformationWeek report dives into the unfortunate reality that many organizations are only paying ‘risk management lip service’ and aren’t making security decisions based on risk management metrics.

Social Stacks: The New Business Imperative

As compelling as social business is, many organizations have not adopted social products or processes. In this report, we examine why social business cannot be ignored and recommend how companies can pave the way for success.