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Enable Lead Scoring With Marketing Automation

Lead scoring programs take the guesswork out of the business of marketing by systemically uncovering who is most active and, most importantly, who is ready for sales. In this presentation, you will discover the value of a lead scoring program and see how to build a program that works for your organization.

A Lead Is No Longer Just A Lead

Ed Grossman, President of UBM Tech discusses paid, earned and owned media. "I’m a firm believer that like a river, marketing dollars will always find the fastest path to the sea. Our desire to improve ROI is an unstoppable force that no dam can hold back – marketing spend seeks to be maximally efficient, ever pursuing the best ROI available."

Build Pipeline Not Hypeline

You decide to take advantage of some hot trend to pull loads of leads, then celebrated as this amazing piece of content delivered the highest lead numbers marketing has ever seen. A couple months later there's some pipeline, but just a few months after that, whoops, there it went. Where did it go?!

2012 State Of Digital Marketing Report: A Review

As a content marketer for lead generation, I was quite intrigued when I received an email about the 2012 State of Digital Marketing Report created by Webmarketing123, which surveyed over 500 marketing professionals in the United States. This is my review of their report...

Vertical Audiences: How To Optimize Engagement

Targeted communications to a specific audience of prospects can be very effective. Over the last eight years, I have worked on vertical lead generation email programs and learned quite a bit about what drives engagement and performance, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

Are You Asking Too Many Questions?

Are we asking too many questions on lead generation registration forms and campaigns? You’ll be amazed by how much you can increase your engagement, lead numbers and create a positive brand experience by just putting some thought into your registration form and the questions you’re asking.

How To Serve Marketers' Lead-Nurturing Imperative

Two short years ago, demand-generation services were driven by the marketer’s equivalent of hardware feeds and speeds: Tell us the number of leads you can produce, in what timeframe, at what cost per lead. Things have changed at warp speed.

How to Find Potential Customers on Twitter

Organizations are constantly trying to find and educate potential clients to grow their business. There are many ways to fill sales pipelines, such as face to face meetings, word of mouth, and now social media, especially on Twitter. People, who are on Twitter, use it to stay in contact with friends, keep up with the latest news, celebrate success, vent their frustrations, share their expertise and look for new products/services.

Moving Beyond Lead Gen: Are Media Companies Ready?

AMR International, one of the leading advisors to media executives and investors, just released its “Opportunities in Lead Generation” Report. The primary audience for this report is investors and media companies. However, we thought it offered a different view into the world of “Lead Generation” for B2B marketers – one you do not always get your hands on. As you look to partner with lead generation firms, there is good advice for things ask your provider – just as an investors would – beyond “what’s your CPL?”

Does Your Content Have The Right Stuff For Lead Generation?

B2B lead generation is all about presenting the right information to the right professional at the right time. Easy, right? Not so much. In working with thousands of marketers, one of the biggest mistakes I see is marketers often do not have the right content assets, information that adds value to their professional role and/or helps them with an initiative they are working on.