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Safeguarding Brand Visibility on Social Networks

The social network companies can make (and have made) significant changes to their platforms, increasing and decreasing visibility for brands seemingly at the drop of a hat. Here are four ways brands can safeguard their online visibility and social network traction.

Infographic: The State of Multimedia Use in PR

PR News and PR Newswire surveyed 452 communications professionals about their use of multimedia in press releases and social platforms, as well as their plans for 2014. Here are the findings in a great new infographic-

What Happens Online In 60 Seconds?

What happens during the average minute online? Qmee posted the answer last week in an awesome new infographic and the results are staggering.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter Can Expect To See Increase In Ad Spend

In this week’s chart from The Creative Group, we clearly see that advertising and marketing executives believe there will be an increase in social media advertising/marketing investment in the next 12 months. According to The Creative Group’s 2012 national survey, more than 60% of respondents believe there will be an increase in spending with Facebook; while just a little over half believe the same is true for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: Will Users Hate It?

LinkedIn introduced Sponsored Updates this week, which will deliver promoted company content into the homepage feed of LinkedIn members beyond those who follow the company. If leveraged properly, a lot of good can come for B2B companies who will now be able to spread thought leadership to specific segments of their industry. But the update does raise some concerns...

10 Key Facts About LinkedIn Search

Whether you are looking for a new job, a new employee, or someone – anyone -- who can help you figure out how big data fits into social networking wrapped around analytics, search is a key function on LinkedIn. The professional social network this week announced changes to its search capabilities targeted at streamlining and relevancy.

LinkedIn's SlideShare Content Ads: 6 Do's And Don'ts

SlideShare Content Ads provide an interesting way for businesses to get their message across to customers and potential customers, but there's a lot of potential for getting a presentation very wrong -- especially in an advertising and marketing context. Here are six ways to engage, rather than enrage, with SlideShare Content Ads.

Infographic: The 4 C’s of Social Media

Our newest infographic “The 4 C’s of Social Media,” based off the Social Media @Work research report, illustrates how tech buyers and marketers are currently using social media, and how these four strategies can be used to get the most out of future social media efforts.

8 Mistakes With LinkedIn

If you want to network professionally today, you have to be on LinkedIn. And, just as in face-to-face interactions, there are some specific no-no's when it comes to communication and collaboration on LinkedIn. The BrainYard has put together a slideshow on LinkedIn manners.

B2B Lead Generation: Twitter Outperforms Facebook, LinkedIn By 9-to-1

Social media still generates less than 5% of overall traffic and leads to B2B websites, according to a new study by digital marketing software provider Optify, with Facebook as the strongest driver of traffic among the top three social media platforms studied. But Twitter is by far the strongest social media channel for B2B lead generation; fully 82% of social media leads come from Twitter, outperforming Facebook and LinkedIn by 9-to-1.

Social Login Certification Could Ease User Fears

Social login is a trend that seems to be catching on; allowing users to easily register for websites and mobile apps by using their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ account. But users have mixed feelings about it. InformationWeek's The BrainYard offers a possible solution - Gigya SocialPrivacy Certification.

LinkedIn Launches Ads API

LinkedIn has made a series of moves in the last couple of months that have breathed new social life into the professional networking site, including updated Profiles and the Endorsements feature. In its latest move in a more socially focused direction, LinkedIn has announced a new Ads API.

Slideshow: 5 Social Networks To Achieve 10 Business Tasks

Thinking about using Facebook and other social networks to boost business? It's not enough to post everything on every platform. In fact, such a strategy could backfire. It's best to examine what each platform does best and align your organization's needs accordingly.

LinkedIn Unveils New Follow Company Features

LinkedIn, the original (and still, many feel, consummate) professional social network, has slowly been making the site more conducive to communications from brands. Long a recruiting and hiring powerhouse, LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful information hub. However, brand voices have been muted until mid 2011, when LinkedIn enabled a raft of new tools for brands, including improved brand pages, and the ability for brands to issue updates to their followers. This week, they’re going a step further, with a new set of options to “follow” companies on LinkedIn.