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7 Ways to Leverage the Power of Social Influencers

Consumers have developed a heightened awareness of traditional marketing tactics and look to their peers as a trusted source of information. Brands are now harnessing the power of those influencers for a return on investment that goes beyond retweets and Facebook likes. Here are some of the valuable strategies to help target and tap into your social influencers.

2014 Digital Marketing Priorities Report

The 2014 Digital Marketing Priorities Survey was commissioned by Create Your Next Customer and executed by IT Marketing World to identify trends and best practices for today’s digital technology marketers.

My Dearest Spammer

No one likes spam. I get hundreds of these emails and calls a week. From people at real companies, mind you. And trust me when I tell you that I'm not alone in thinking that this approach cripples their credibility and increasingly delegitimizes their business. What follows is a proposal for how to end this behavior (with or without the cooperation of the offending parties).

Vendors Must Cater To Developers Or Die

Technology providers need to realize that the procurement game has fundamentally changed. The new reality: software is eating the world. As a result, guess who has the power? Software developers.

A Flurry of Resolutions for PR & Marketing Pros

Tis the season for reflecting on your triumphs and shortcomings of the year. As an overachieving communications pro, there are many professional goals that are suited for your good intentions—such as creating excellent content.

How CIOs And CMOs Can Be Better Partners

CMOs and CIOs know they need to find ways to work together more closely in what Forrester is calling the "Age of the Customer," but many executives see it as an alliance of necessity more than a exciting relationship. For this partnership to get results that improve the business, CMOs and CIOs must collaborate in three areas.

Best Practices For Promoting And Marketing Your App

There are a lot of really creative apps being produced and the app stores are flooded with new ones daily. The question on everyone's mind... if I build it, who will come? UBM Tech’s app team recently prepared a best practices check list of what works and what can be done to market apps, increase download rates, and improve user ratings.

Your Audience Knows Best: Content Format

Don't think in terms of formats; they discourage people from incorporating multimedia elements if they perceive they don’t have all of the right content lined up. Instead, allow your audience’s needs to guide development of your content.

Gmail Tabs: Marketers Strike Back

The jury's still out on whether Gmail's tabbed interface, which routes marketing messages and other mass-blast email to secondary inboxes, will have a lasting effect on businesses that send email to customers, prospects and other external groups. Some companies aren't waiting for the verdict.

Infographic: How To Market to Engineers

Last year the UBM Tech Electronics conducted 100 personal interviews with engineers—to get a better sense of what they want and need. In most cases, it’s much more simple than we make it out to be.

The results from the interviews was a strong reminder to take a break from our main concerns as marketers, (e.g.  integration, automation, lead quality, content marketing, etc.) and focus on what the customer needs and wants. Here is a recap of what we learned, in a handy infographic.

5 Lessons CIOs And CMOs Should Share, Part II

Part II, five lessons CMOs can teach CIOs. Chief information officers and chief marketing officers now rely on each other to do their jobs more effectively, read more to see what they can learn from each other.

5 Lessons CIOs And CMOs Should Share, Part I

At first glance, the roles of CIO and CMO could not be more different. But now more than ever, organizations' chief information officers and chief marketing officers must rely on each other to do their jobs more effectively. This is Part I, five lessons CIOs can teach CMOs.

Build Richer Customer Relationships Using 'Small Data'

How can companies create personal engagement with customers? There's a temptation to adapt traditional analytical marketing techniques like segmentation, that treats customers as "personas," rather than people. To have meaningful interactions, you need to use what I call customer "small data" such as tweets, blog posts, LinkedIn job title updates, questions on Quora and pictures on Pinterest, to name a few examples.