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Social Stacks: The New Business Imperative

As compelling as social business is, many organizations have not adopted social products or processes. In this report, we examine why social business cannot be ignored and recommend how companies can pave the way for success.

3 Tips for Formatting Press Releases for Maximum Online Readership

There are three important lessons for marketing and public relations professionals in crafting effective press releases and other digital messages to be gleaned from the Financial Times’ launch this week of FastFT, a short-format news service.

How To Market Collaboration To Employees

One of the most common challenges organizations face when they deploy collaborative platforms and technologies involves employee adoption: Many employees don't use the tools, or adoption quickly falls a month or so after deployment. Here are a few of the most effective ways I've seen organizations handle the adoption challenge in both the short- and long-term.

10 Ways To Foster Effective Social Employees

As with any technology, social business tools can be used effectively, or they can be the productivity sinks IT and business managers feared they would be. Here are some best practices for making your employees more effective and productive on social business tools.

To Thine Own Self: Honesty In Marketing

In my second book “To Thine Own Self: Honesty in Marketing,” I attempt to offer a way for marketers to give up the disingenuousness that characterizes – and debases—the profession. If my first book “Cool is for Fools” was about helping marketers reclaim their profession, this book is about creating honest and just frameworks from which to act as a marketer. Of course, this book is only a very small step in the larger journey, but it may provide some hope to those who want to be ethical while pursuing a career in marketing.

Getting Organized And Getting Value Fast From Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a hot topic and promises to help deliver more effective marketing programs. How can you set yourself up for success? I want to share a few simple lessons I learned from our experience and some smart learnings from a recent marketing automation user conference.

3 Content Marketing Refresh Strategies for 2013

Despite the promise of parties filled with noisemakers, toasts and holiday cheer (or at least a few quiet days off), many marketers eye the turn of the year with more than a little apprehension. That’s because it’s a reminder that the clock is ticking on the viability of many of their content marketing pieces.

Your Brand: The 3 Essential Elements

A recent piece from Modern Media on the essential elements of successful media brands struck me as particularly applicable to tech brands. Read through these three elements and think about whether your technology brands are aspirational, accurate, and manage to tell your prospects why it matters.

7 Lessons From Social Business Leaders

How can you maximize the use of social media and social software with employees, customers, and partners? The BrainYard decided to seek out and highlight companies that are well on the road to becoming truly social businesses.

How to Put Holiday Cheer Into Your Emails (And How to Not Do So…)

How can you incorporate some holiday cheer into your email communications to increase impact and avoid being too cheesy or annoying? To make sure you don’t wind up with a rock in your bag this Halloween night like poor Charlie Brown, follow this advice on what not to do with your holiday emails...

Create Your Next Customer? No, Educate Your Next Customer

It was during the Enterprise 2.0 event in Boston, when I was interviewing some recent graduates of the YearUp! program, that I realized ‘create your next customer’ means a lot more than lead nurturing, social networking, or figuring out which chatski to giveaway at a booth.

InformationWeek Tech Marketer Roundtable & Simulcast - OSQoR Winner

On the heels of our UBM TechWeb Tech Marketing Roundtable “From Lead Gen to Brand Gen: How to Change Your Game,” I want to congratulate Tony Perri of Perri Marketing as our OSQoR (Online Super Question of Relevance!) winner. We had 200+ marketing pros online and 30+ in the room discussing and digging in to view the just-released research and brand gen best practices.

InformationWeek Tech Marketer Roundtable & Simulcast Reveals New Tech Buyer Research

Marketers got a first glimpse of the new 2012 UBM TechWeb Tech Buyer Research at the InformationWeek sponsored roundtable and simulcast Lead Gen To Brand Gen: How To Change Your Game, held on April 3rd at the Rosewood Hotel at the heart of Silicon Valley and simulcasted live across North America. UBM TechWeb CMO Scott Vaughan led the discussions which covered customer buying preferences and how we, as marketers, should map to the customer purchase process to be successful. And, IBM Betty Van Baalen shares IBM Global Technology Solutions’ approach to customer engagement. Catch the full simulcast.

IBM's Betty Van Baalen To Speak At InformationWeek's Tech Marketer Simulcast On April 3rd

IBM's Betty Van Baalen, a demand generation strategist and expert, will join the marketing panel of experts at Lead Gen To Brand Gen: How To Change Your Game -- an online event for tech marketers on April 3rd at 10:30AM PT. The event features newly fielded research on the content preferences of business technology professionals including: mistakes vendors make with their content; how often they’d like to hear from vendors; and important factors and content attributes when making purchasing decisions.