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Lessons From CEB's Sales and Marketing Summit

I approached each track with the mindset of “What’s one thing that I didn’t know?” and “What’s one thing I can implement when I get back to my desk?” I’ve tried to encapsulate the takeaways and the “one thing” we can all leverage in our day-to-day professional lives here. Plus some anecdotes of what Not to do...

Webinar Executive Summary: How The Tech Buy Goes Down

Along with a summary of the webinar content, some of the questions that arose during the Q&A have been answered here. Learn what content works best to target the IT buying committee and more!

Leverage Your Intent Data To Drive Sales

Learn what intent data is, and how you can more efficiently and effectively fill your funnel with well qualified leads by reading and taking action on intent data.

What Makes Tech Content “Right?” - 6 Tips

With the right content and the right platform, your prospects will appreciate your efforts to educate and entertain them with a good story.
So, what makes the content “right?” I'll share six tips to guide you to a better content marketing strategy.

4 Reasons Your Marketing Automation Solution Fails

Marketing automation has been touted as the silver bullet for lead generation and pipeline management. It is the panacea for elevating the CMO to a seat at the board room table. Yet there are many cases when marketing automation doesn’t deliver on the promise. Here are four reasons why.

Best Practices: Digital Display Advertising

This guide serves to help tech marketers and advertisers better plan and measure the success of their display campaigns. The following insights are based on digital campaigns run on UBM Tech’s IT media sites, InformationWeek, Dark Reading and Network Computing.

A Marketer In IT's Court

It is unfortunate how rarely IT and Marketing compare notes, learn from each other, and make common cause. So let's spend some time interrogating these similarities.

Why Audience Is Key To Your Blogging Success

With all of the changes and its ubiquitous nature, some critics claim blogging is dying. We disagree, of course. Blogging retains – and continues to expand on – its value.

Google: Mobile Searches Overtaking Desktop

In an indicator that smartphones are becoming consumers' top platform when it comes to daily activities, search giant Google announced more of its searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 different countries, including the US.

Making Your (Power)Point: 6 Steps to Audience-Centric Storytelling

When well crafted, a slide deck can help speakers tell a story that inspires their audience. However, the all-too-common response to yet another PowerPoint presentation is a sea of dull-eyed stares. In the first post of this Making Your (Power)Point series, I’ll review my six-step process to creating a presentation that truly caters to your audience.

4 Truths about the Buyer’s Journey & Content Marketing

These are a summary of the themes and ideas that resonated during Content2Conversion. The first of four themes is that the buyer's journey is never linear which means that marketers need to enable buyers to back-up, skip, drop-out and re-enter the process.

Video: How NOT To Exhibit At Tech Events

Meeting new people and potential clients face to face is one of the best forms of marketing there is. But it's up to the exhibitors to make sure a booth is a worthwhile investment. Here are some of our top do's and don't when exhibiting at a live event from UBM.

Best Practices Executive Brief: Video

Video is an obvious must-have for any content marketing strategy. But with everyone from the teen around the corner to the marketer in the next building flooding the Internet with videos, you’ve got to make your screen time count. Learn four best practices we use to help clients get it right!

Millennials Redefine Business Tech Buying Decisions

Businesses that want to prep Millennials to make these business decisions should arm them with the data and analytical insight they need to inform their choices. They should also foster a culture of collaboration, which Millennials will crave when it comes time to make important judgment calls. The ability to work with members of their team, employees across the organization, and vendors will be critical when it comes time to make B2B purchases.

How to Effectively Communicate with Designers

Conversations between communicators and designers can be a bit frustrating. You either don’t have a clear idea of what you want the visual to look like. Or, maybe you know exactly what you want, but are having trouble getting that result. Let’s break down a couple of typical conversations that happen during the design process, and how you can help avoid the disconnect.