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CIOs' 2014 Top Concerns & Projected Spending

The 2014 IT Industry Forecast, released by staffing firm TEKsystems, reveals top concerns and expected spending for the coming year. Learn more about the IT leaders’ expectations for 2014!

The Future of Sponsored Content: 3 Scenarios for Success

Sponsored content is decades old, but the tactics are changing. Who will be successful with the new wave of sponsored content and how do you put yourself among the winners? Here are the three scenarios that will be potentially successful for sponsored content.

Clowns, “The Shining,” and Subject Lines

At first glance, the title might not make sense to you. But there is a commonality. Over my years in tech marketing, I’ve learned that subject lines that include “scare” tactics perform quite well when used thoughtfully.

Twitter Opens Direct Messages To Your Prospects

Twitter is rolling out a new setting that allows users to receive direct messages from any follower, not just from people or brands they also follow. The question is: will you opt in?

Performance of Facebook's Paid vs Unpaid Posts

This week's chart illustrates how dramatically Facebook's paid ads increase organic and viral reach. It also shows why Facebook might not be the right platform to accomplish your marketing goals.

Your Audience Knows Best: Content Format

Don't think in terms of formats; they discourage people from incorporating multimedia elements if they perceive they don’t have all of the right content lined up. Instead, allow your audience’s needs to guide development of your content.

7 Keys to Creating B2B Content that Converts

While marketers are expanding their efforts to generate leads and increase conversions, many face the uncertainty of creating content that truly engages target audiences. This post tackles how to discover what types of content appeal to target audiences and the secrets to engaging high-quality leads at any stage of the buying process.

Online Discoverability Tips

How do you ensure that your target audience sees your intended communications? PR Newswire Vice President of Content Marketing, Sarah Skerik, shared her tips around press releases, and how you can get them promoted so your target audience will see them.

Mind of the Engineer

Gain critical insight into the Mind of the Engineer through this Executive Summary white paper. The research provides insight on top concerns and issues weighing on the minds of engineers worldwide. Engineers from North America, Europe, and Asia were queried through a web survey and 2,623 useable responses were received.

Infographic: How To Market to Engineers

Last year the UBM Tech Electronics conducted 100 personal interviews with engineers—to get a better sense of what they want and need. In most cases, it’s much more simple than we make it out to be.

The results from the interviews was a strong reminder to take a break from our main concerns as marketers, (e.g.  integration, automation, lead quality, content marketing, etc.) and focus on what the customer needs and wants. Here is a recap of what we learned, in a handy infographic.

Mind of the Engineer - Top 5 Marketing Myths Infographic

These 5 misconceptions will help you better understand how to market to engineers. If you think any of these statements are true... well, stop. Check out the infographic and white paper here to learn more.

5 Lessons CIOs And CMOs Should Share, Part II

Part II, five lessons CMOs can teach CIOs. Chief information officers and chief marketing officers now rely on each other to do their jobs more effectively, read more to see what they can learn from each other.

5 Lessons CIOs And CMOs Should Share, Part I

At first glance, the roles of CIO and CMO could not be more different. But now more than ever, organizations' chief information officers and chief marketing officers must rely on each other to do their jobs more effectively. This is Part I, five lessons CIOs can teach CMOs.

Game-Changing Technology

UBM Tech’s CEO, Paul Miller, recently shared with Folio Magazine his thoughts on the technology – or technologies – that have had the biggest impact on publishing. Miller’s post is included as one of 10 contributed articles from executives in consumer, regional, b-to-b, association and digital-only publishing who describe their game-changing technology investments.

Infographic: 5 Major IT Purchase Process Influencers

Our latest infographic “By The Buy On The Fly” is a lighthearted take on the factors that influence the IT purchasing process. Tech buyers and marketers would be wise to “get their heads out of the sand” and read on to learn how to deliver optimal information for their customers’ needs.