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Email Content and Design: Best Practices To Drive Conversions

In November last year I was tasked by Scott Vaughan, UBM TechWeb’s CMO, to share the strategy and tactics we use to drive email conversions of business and technology professionals based on the millions of email engagements and tens of thousands of unique pieces of content we utilize at UBM TechWeb.

The paper, titled “Email Content and Design: Best Practices To Drive Conversions” was published this week and is available for download below.

Understanding Today's Technology Purchase Process

The enterprise purchase process is highly complex. It is initiated by an organization’s need to change and to meet specific business needs. It also involves many different decision makers who play multiple roles, and require different types of information at each stage of the process. This new report offers insights into today’s purchase process—and guides Tech Marketers on how to deliver content and information that sets you apart, adds value to your customers and prospects, and unlocks organizational buying decisions.

5 Tips for Compelling and Effective Online Videos

Online video offers tremendous promise for enterprise technology marketers. Video can bring your technology to life, show the authentic personality of your brand and demonstrate your organization’s expertise.

Jumpstarting Great IT Communities In 3 (Not So Easy) Steps

The nature of marketing, and especially technology marketing, has changed. Enterprise IT buyers expect vendors to be ready and willing to engage in a two-way conversation about the issues that matter to them. It’s no longer enough to do outbound marketing, no matter how much good, high-quality information you provide. Tech vendors must provide a forum for their customers and prospects to ask questions and connect with other users of the technology.

3 Best Practices To Drive Online Engagement

How To Create Enduring (And Profitable) Customer Relationships

Business technology decision makers have access to more information from more sources on more platforms than ever before. This means you must compete harder than ever for their attention, and make the most of every opportunity.

Selling What You Know - Three Keys To Content Marketing

As B2B buyers become more sophisticated and go digital, social and mobile, marketers and their companies need to shift what and how they produce and deliver business information. B2B marketers must utilize professional content - leading with WHAT THEY KNOW - to engage prospects and customers in the marketing and sales process.

PR Newswire: Marketing Content Survey

PR Newswire completed a survey examining how Marketing professionals are developing, using, managing and tracking their use of content.  Some of the key highlights include:

Best Practices Series: 7 Tips For Effective Executive Events

What makes a great tech executive event?  What makes technology decision makers register for an event?  The topic?  The speakers? Your brand?  And, once you get them to an event, what are the secrets to keeping the conversation flowing, so both attendees and speakers are engaged?

Our New Tech Marketing Best Practices Series

One of the goals we have here at is to provide our tech marketing partners advice, insight and tips on hot marketing trends, strategies and initiatives. As marketers ourselves, we know how busy it gets, how tight bandwidth is, and, we especially know how hard it is to keep up with the pace of change. All this said, I’m excited to announce the launch of our new Tech Marketing Best Practice Series.

Best Practices Series: The Five Secrets of Great Tech White Papers

What makes a great tech white paper?  What’s the difference between a white paper that “goes viral” and one that languishes behind a lead gen form? 

 In this white paper, Elliot Kass, UBM TechWeb’s Vice President of Content Marketing, explores the value of white papers to the tech audience, and shares his five secrets for producing great ones.

New Marketing Research: Content Connects

Find out how 1,000 IT decision makers consume content, and what they are looking for to do their job and make buying decisions, what they find most valuable, and how they use it.

How efficiently and credibly you provide content—and how well you deliver it to busy decision makers over the noise—can make all of the difference as to whether your products and services make the cut or get purchased.