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State of Virtual Events

Virtual events and virtual business solutions are reaching critical mass as a mainstream marketing channel. Marketers are well aware of the possibilities of webinars, virtual trade shows, video conferences and virtual training events and are planning to use them increasingly in the coming year.

IT Industry Survey Results

UBM TechWeb Live Events Network fielded an IT Industry Survey in August 2010 to illuminate current trends in business technology, the power of events, investment in technology and provide a glimpse at what the top product interests are for business technology executives (cloud computing, virtualization, data center and IT Management).

This data will help you to better understand the priorities of active IT buyers and foster an informative dialogue.

Research: Social Media at Work

How IT Decision Makers and Tech Marketers Are Using Social Media Today

Does your social media strategy match how your customers use it?

White Paper Research

UBM TechWeb brings you the latest research study, focusing on how professional IT buyers utilize white papers. With detailed analysis about what makes a white paper great, this comprehensive report includes white paper usage and actions taken among B2B audiences, and provides technology marketers with best practices to engage and activate business technology decision makers.

Live Event Research

Part of the Tech Marketing::Best Practices Research Series

Using Face to Face Events To Build Deep Relationships With Business Technology Buyers

TechWeb's newest tech marketing research focuses on the value of face to face events. 

Video Research

TechMarketing_bpPart of the Tech Marketing::Best Practices Research Series

Social Media Research

Part of the Tech Marketing::Best Practices Research Series

@Plan B2B Network Research Results

Summer 2009 :: @Plan delivers a comprehensive profiling of ad-supported web sites, revealing everything about the U.S. online population from basic and niche demographics to in-depth lifestyle and preference data.

Compare our online stats to our competitors and gain valuable information on audience demographic profiles and composition.