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A New Look For Dark Reading

After almost seven years of delivering some of the best and most incisive cybersecurity news and information on the Web, Dark Reading now has a new look to match. We've streamlined the design, improved the navigation, and added a few features that we hope will make our news site more valuable to security professionals.

UBM Tech Announces Strategic Shift Toward Community-Focused Media and Events

UBM Tech, the global media business that brings together the world's technology industry through live events and online properties, announced a strategic shift in the company's focus toward a unique business model. UBM Tech will combine its industry leading event brands with its industry leading digital brands in a community-driven business model underpinned by deep analytics illustrating community interests and behaviors. This proven community model supports peer-to-peer learning and education, industry information and training and provides marketing solutions for the industry.

Founder Stephen Saunders Rejoins Light Reading

Light Reading, the premier source for telecom industry analysis, which leads its sector in terms of traffic, content, and reputation, is pleased to announce the return of founding CEO Stephen Saunders to the team as it undergoes a significant makeover.

An SEO Expert’s View of Public Relations

A good PR campaign that results in media pick up, relevant industry blog posts and social buzz can have a profoundly positive effect on crucial web site rankings. And those web site rankings play an important part in lead generation — and ultimately sales. To get a good look at how the results a good PR campaign can integrate (and improve) a brand’s SEO program....

Aligning Non-Marketing Content With the Buying Journey

There’s no doubt that communicators are in content overdrive these days. Content is the fuel for social conversation, search engine visibility and e-mail campaigns. Potential customers seek education, not the hard sell. Quality content attracts, qualifies, convinces and converts. However, in order to achieve the objective, the content your brand publishes has to have a point.

Social Media Influences And Drives IT Purchase Decisions

UBM Tech released its annual Social Media @Work research – a report that looks at the social media consumption habits of business technology decision makers and marketers. The report affirms the critical role social media plays in the business technology market and how it continues to change the way people work, live and play.

InformationWeek Education Launches To Serve The Higher Education Technology Market

UBM Tech announces the launch of InformationWeek Education, a new website and quarterly digital magazine for technology executives and administrators at colleges and universities. InformationWeek Education provides news, analysis and expert commentary on the technology issues reshaping higher education.

UBM Tech's InformationWeek Business Technology Network Wins Big At Min Editorial and Design Awards With Eight Awards

UBM Tech's InformationWeek Business Technology Network was honored with a total of eight prestigious Min Editorial and Design Awards today. The award competition celebrates and recognizes excellence in editorial content and design. The recognition for InformationWeek, Advanced Trading, BYTE, Insurance & Technology and Network Computing amplify each brand's expertise and creativity in storytelling, news reporting, content packaging, and overall thought leadership.

Embedding Calls To Action For Multiple Audiences In Press Releases

Press releases are read by a wide array of people. When drafting a message, it’s important to think beyond the professional media audience. Enthusiast bloggers, industry and financial analysts, employees, customers, advocates, shareholders, industry peers and potential business partners are all likely to read your press release. This means we can reasonably expect to engage numerous audiences with our message. But are our press releases up to the task?

Leveraging Press Releases To Improve Content Marketing Results

Content marketing is one of the newest communications disciplines. Press releases, on the other hand, are a decades-old tactic. On a webinar held with the Content Marketing Institute, participants learned how to breathe fresh life into their press releases using content marketing tactics — and how the content the PR department creates can fit into (and even drive) a larger content marketing plan.

Writing Press Releases That Don’t Sound Like Advertisements

Today’s communications strategies hinge upon content, and the press release release is an important part of that content mix. However, to be successful, a content marketing strategy needs to serve the needs of the audience first. Traditionally, press releases have been geared toward telling an organization’s story. Can press releases be made to fit into the content marketing paradigm?