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Copy Quality: New Imperatives for Communicators

How does one determine whether or not a piece of content is low quality? Understanding how to build/create quality content is a mandate for all communicators creating digital content. Google offered insights into how, when building the Panda algorithm, they determined whether or not content was quality.

What's Next In SEO For SMBs: 6 Predictions

The rules of the search engine optimization game will continue to change. If you haven't added Google+ to your social circle, you're not prepared. So you're a modern master of search engine optimization (SEO). Will you still be one tomorrow? Only if you're paying attention. The nature of SEO and the broader Web makes change inevitable, and SMBs that anticipate new trends will have the upper hand.

5 Steps to Develop a Successful SEO Plan

According to MarketingSherpa, 70% of the links search users click-on are organic—not paid, and 60% of all organic clicks go to the top three organic search results. That means if your SEO is not on point, your company will get lost in the search results. Here are the 5 steps to take when developing a strong and successful SEO plan...