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Making Your (Power)Point: A Handy SlideShare Checklist

Although SlideShare has been around for nearly ten years, marketers are only beginning to tap the true potential of this powerful lead gen tool. Similar to YouTube, the platform’s native audience is the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential views.

Making Your (Power)Point: 6 Steps to Audience-Centric Storytelling

When well crafted, a slide deck can help speakers tell a story that inspires their audience. However, the all-too-common response to yet another PowerPoint presentation is a sea of dull-eyed stares. In the first post of this Making Your (Power)Point series, I’ll review my six-step process to creating a presentation that truly caters to your audience.

80 Digital Marketing Quotes to Drive Motivation

Today’s digital marketer has more responsibility than ever to build brand recognition, educate prospects, drive traffic, and generate new leads all at once. It can be a daunting undertaking, but simple words of encouragement can sometimes be the boost needed to accomplish it all. ExactTarget recently compiled a list of their favorite digital marketing and business quotes in a great slideshow to motivate marketers’ to push their creativity and innovation.

Finding The Link Between Content & Conversion

There’s a lot of discussion these days about the role of content in marketing strategies, and much of it is focused on the awareness-generating and attention-acquiring benefits a stream of content can produce. However, as an organization builds out a content strategy, it’s important to create a pathway for readers that ends in conversion.