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Don't See A Business Need For A Digital Strategy?

The 2014 InformationWeek Digital Business Survey reveals the reasons why small and large companies don't have a digital strategy. The most shocking result is the number of small companies that don't see a business need for a digital strategy - especially compared to the large-company respondents.

Social Stacks: The New Business Imperative

As compelling as social business is, many organizations have not adopted social products or processes. In this report, we examine why social business cannot be ignored and recommend how companies can pave the way for success.

Social Business Leader Of 2013: State Street Corp.

In June 2012, the global financial firm State Street Corp. introduced an "innovation rally" on its enterprise social network, and the response proved explosive. Learn lessons from the global financial company, which will be honored at the E2 Conference for social collaboration on a large scale.

Use Social Strategy To Focus Your Leadership, Board

This is a follow up to a recent post on the Relationship Economics blog, "Use Your Social Strategy for Return on Impact," about how to lead in the age of connected relationships. To lead in this century requires different steps than in the last. You must use your social strategy to enhance the mindset of your senior leadership and your board of directors. Here's how....

Social Business Not Dead, Just Business As Usual

It wasn't long ago that companies such as Jive and Yammer were proclaiming the era of the social enterprise, and today we know that the social enterprise has shown its worth. The challenge now is how to wire social constructs into all business practices. Soon enough, social business will simply be business as usual.

“Power Middle” Influencer Marketing Campaigns Drive 16x Engagement Of Paid Or Owned Media

Much of the talk around influence marketing has focused on how to best target and engage high-ranking influencers. But new research is showing that a focus on mid-level influencers is actually far more effective when it comes to engagement and driving earned media, and at a much more efficient cost than working with “professional” A-list influencers.

Bulletproof Your Social Business: Train Employees

Employees are human, which makes them unpredictable. Therefore, business leaders can leave nothing to chance about their use of social media, or your brand might suffer. There's no "undo" button on brand damage caused by employees who don't understand appropriate business use of social media. So what can you do?

What It Takes To Lead A Business With Social Purpose

At the 2013 Business4Better Conference, Kurt Knapton, CEO of E-Rewards, and Mike Hannigan, President of Give Something Back Office Supplies, shared their personal journey to create successful businesses that have a larger social purpose.

How To Encourage Off-The-Clock Social Ambassadors

Is asking employees to take on additional responsibilities OK? Can companies really ask their employees to post to Facebook and LinkedIn -- without rewarding them with additional compensation? The short answer is "Yes."

5 Social Lessons From Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl XLVII is but a memory, but the big game -- and all the hoopla that surrounds it -- provided some important social business lessons. For starters, social is important. If your response to that was, "No kidding!" read no further. (Well, actually, please read further.)

Social Media Influences And Drives IT Purchase Decisions

UBM Tech released its annual Social Media @Work research – a report that looks at the social media consumption habits of business technology decision makers and marketers. The report affirms the critical role social media plays in the business technology market and how it continues to change the way people work, live and play.

Seeking Top 10 Social Business Leaders

InformationWeek's The BrainYard seeks your help to identify CIOs and business leaders who are making the best use of social business strategies. The call for nominations will continue through the end of September, but by early October we'll be finalizing our list. Because we plan to do some additional research beyond the nomination forms, those that come in early will tend to get closer consideration.

Fortune 500 CEOs Shy Away From Social

70% of Fortune 500 CEOs have zero presence on social networks, according to new report. Perhaps newly minted Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, with her 183,022 Twitter followers, will inspire them.

March Madness Has Lessons For Social Marketing

Sports teams, fans, and sports marketing pros have many lessons for social marketing. Just ask legendary sports broadcaster Butch Stearns. Here’s a scenario that would appeal to any social network-aware chief marketing officer: intensely loyal fans, physical venues intermixed with digital and broadcast platforms, and employees and customers ready to tweet and post every detail about the company’s activities.