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How To: Make Event Sponsorships More Effective

Right after the new year, I had the opportunity to sit down with a few of my UBM Tech colleagues to talk about the many industry events that we're producing this year, and how tech marketers can best leverage large-scale events to their best advantage. Our goal: To share with other event marketers the winning strategies and tactics that have worked for a countless number of UBM Tech’s event sponsors and exhibitors.

Marketing Flow And Grow

That big event party is just a stop along the way.

Event marketing can range from small dinners to star festooned extravaganzas, but where we came to agreement was on the need to think of events as part of the continuous marketing flow rather than a single function. When Bonde asked me what makes a journalist pick one event or product introduction over another, I answered it was mostly in the pre-event preparation.

"The Buzz Isn't What You Do At CES, But What Comes Out Of CES"

InformationWeek's VP and Editorial Analyst Eric Lundquist talks to The Pulse Network about how technology vendors can make the most of trade shows such as CES. Eric believes that its equally important to focus on your pre and post show marketing activities: "The buzz isn't what you do at CES, but what comes out of CES." Eric also talks about the importance of real-time sentiment measurement and why he thinks it will be one of the biggest event marketing trends in 2012.