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How to Host a Successful Twitter Chat

I did a significant amount of research prior to my first Twitter chat for UBM Tech. Here are my Twitter chat pro-tips so you don’t have to rely on luck for success.

CIOs: Adopt Social Media For Success, Now

We make our homes in communities limited by geography. But social media allows us to choose to live in communities of interest and communities of practice -- I challenge you, IT leader. Will this be the year that you get social?

Stunning Social Media Engagement @ GDC San Francisco

The success of our social media efforts is the result of steady, hard work from a dedicated team, a clear vision and strategy, no fear of interaction with our audience, quick reactive fingers, and most importantly a good eye and witty sense of humor.

30+ Killer Headline Hacks To Amp Up Emails, Tweets, Posts

Buffer's article about maximizing click-rates provides one of the most extensive lists of headline formulas (yes - formulas) I've seen. I won't list all of the awesome ideas the blog post shared (I encourage you to check them out as you have time), but below you'll find a few of my favorites.

Safeguarding Brand Visibility on Social Networks

The social network companies can make (and have made) significant changes to their platforms, increasing and decreasing visibility for brands seemingly at the drop of a hat. Here are four ways brands can safeguard their online visibility and social network traction.

8 Tips to Avoid Being Muted on Twitter

With Twitter’s announcement this week of the ‘mute’ feature, which will allow people to hide from their feeds tweets by Twitter accounts they follow, marketing pros have to think even harder about their Twitter strategy.

6 Keys to Using the New Twitter Design for PR

Twitter’s new design – mirroring Facebook’s layout and emphasizing visuals – reinforces the importance of using multimedia elements in communications. However, the new layout offers more opportunity for brands than initially meets the eye.

Twitter's Enduring Struggle: ROI

The three top challenges marketers still face are measuring results and ROI (45%), building an audience (42%), and generating engagement (27%). While nearly half of businesses struggle to measure their success and ROI, they feel their presence on the social network is mandatory.

Trend ID Algorithms: What Communicators Need to Know

The companies that control our attention do so without any transparency. We build our understanding of ourselves and the world around us through the stories we tell, and if algorithms only reinforce certain types of stories, it reduces our understanding of ourselves and our communities.

6 Trade Show Marketing Fails

For most marketers trade shows are one of the single biggest expenditures in your marketing mix. I spend a lot of my time working with our customers to help hone their event strategies and ensure their exhibit dollars are well spent. Here are the top ways to waste money exhibiting at a trade show:

Twitter Opens Direct Messages To Your Prospects

Twitter is rolling out a new setting that allows users to receive direct messages from any follower, not just from people or brands they also follow. The question is: will you opt in?

A 14-Tweet Press Release? Genius.

Amazon created buzz among the denizens of Twitter (read: important target market) when it issued 14 tweets about the new Kindle Fire HDX, earning themselves a lot of extra attention from high-influence, well-connected social media and marketing gurus.

Infographic: The State of Multimedia Use in PR

PR News and PR Newswire surveyed 452 communications professionals about their use of multimedia in press releases and social platforms, as well as their plans for 2014. Here are the findings in a great new infographic-