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Video Native Advertising That Works for B2B

Video is a powerful online advertising medium that works best as embedded “outstream” content. Learn why outstream ads should be in your B2B marketing plan.

Best Practices Executive Brief: Video

Video is an obvious must-have for any content marketing strategy. But with everyone from the teen around the corner to the marketer in the next building flooding the Internet with videos, you’ve got to make your screen time count. Learn four best practices we use to help clients get it right!

Video Used For 5% or Less of Marketing Communications

More than half of those surveyed say less than 5% of their external communications are delivered via video, which, given all we know now, makes me feel like we’re not paying attention. Why are so many of us still on the sidelines?

CIO Vs. CMO: Can't We All Just Get Along?

PwC chief technologist Chris Curran discusses in InformationWeek's video how to turn infighting between IT and marketing into a productive partnership.

Marketer Spotlight: Rishi Dave, Dell

Rishi Dave is Dell’s Executive Director of Digital Marketing. He spoke with about some of the groundbreaking properties he’s launched and shares how marketers can overcome the challenges posed by social media.

Facebook Video Ads - Your Next Big Marketing Spend?

Facebook's plan to sell TV-style ads that will appear in users’ news feeds may lead to even bigger advertising spends than marketers had anticipated. Before B2B marketers and advertisers start developing ads, there is a key piece of information that will likely keep them from a $1 - $2.5 million per day spend.

What I Learned From Online Marketing Summit Silicon Valley

It’s been a few weeks since I attended Online Marketing Summit. The event provided me with so much relevant information, that it took me some time to digest it all. In addition to learning, I was able to meet new people and share a little about what I was doing in my world.

CMO Spotlight: Steve Daheb at Blue Coat

Steve Daheb is Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President at Blue Coat. sat down with Steve to get his approach to integrated marketing, insights into competing with the "big dogs" and why the voice of the customer is part of the company's DNA. View the three-part video interview.

The Basics For International Video Production

Japan. Slovenia. Serbia. Florence. Berlin. Qatar. These are just a few of the many international places US-based production companies find themselves looking for crews to capture engaging video footage for its clients. However, sending in a shooter with a camera isn’t as seamless in international locations as it might be in the United States.

If planning an international shoot, consider some of these factors that make video production different, and sometimes challenging.

UBM TechWeb's InformationWeek Introduces Video Tech Theaters

New Content Marketing Solution Delivers Video Production, Hosting and Syndication
InformationWeek announced the launch of Tech Theaters, a full-service video marketing program that delivers content development and high-quality video production as well as video hosting and syndication. A new content marketing solution, Tech Theaters enable technology vendors to educate and engage business and technology professionals through scripted instructional video and powerful visual graphics.

UBM TechWeb’s InformationWeek Introduces Three New Marketing Services

We've just announced three new marketing services products centered around educational programming, Internet awareness, and live streaming video. The new products – InformationWeek University, InformationWeek’s Internet Influence Program, and UBM TechWeb’s Live Video Broadcasts – are all guaranteed to enhance engagement around a technology’s brand, product, or service via three different mediums.

9 Tips to Make Your Next Video Production Successful

Nowadays, most brands need to create compelling content to fuel social media and content marketing campaigns. Multimedia assets generate more audience engagement, and video is the most compelling format of all. But video production can get a little complicated. To help ensure your success, here are some important tips from the team at MultiVu for shooting and producing video content for the web.

An Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara Conference Update - #e2conf

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Paige Finkelman, the new General Manager of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference, the leading event for organizations using collaborative technologies to accelerate information flow and drive revenue.

Check out the video for an inside look at the upcoming event in November.




Meet the #Interop Staff & Get a Discount on Interop NY 2011 Passes

Putting on a large show like Interop is a very hard thing to do. It takes a lot of work and dedication from a lot of people to make sure that event goes on without a hitch. I wanted to take some time out to highlight a few of the team members so that you can get to know what they do and how the help to make Interop the greatest business to business information technology event in the world!

Below are a few videos of the Interop team members for you to take a look at.