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White Paper Best Practices

UBM Tech's VP, Content Marketing, shares her checklists for producing white papers that educate the market about key technology trends and ultimately compel these decision makers to investigate your solutions. Read on to learn how to position your content for credibility and get specific tips so your content will be noticed and shared.

6 Steps To Content Explosion

Anita Marsh, Director of Content Strategy at Concur, shared how her team went from creating a handful of content pieces last year to an explosion of content this year. What’s her secret? Focus on a set of core content (for example, a research report) and then explode your content into sub-content like infographics, slideshows and videos. By following these 6 steps, you too can create a content factory.

Mind of the Engineer

Gain critical insight into the Mind of the Engineer through this Executive Summary white paper. The research provides insight on top concerns and issues weighing on the minds of engineers worldwide. Engineers from North America, Europe, and Asia were queried through a web survey and 2,623 useable responses were received.

Best Practices Series: Beyond The White Paper

How do you reach out and grab your prospects attention? And how do you hold their attention from their first tentative inquiries all the way through their ultimate buying decision? In this white paper, Elliot Kass, UBM TechWeb’s Vice President of Content Marketing, outlines three steps for executing a content marketing strategy that can successfully convert nonchalant prospects into committed customers.

New Marketing Research: Content Connects

Find out how 1,000 IT decision makers consume content, and what they are looking for to do their job and make buying decisions, what they find most valuable, and how they use it.

How efficiently and credibly you provide content—and how well you deliver it to busy decision makers over the noise—can make all of the difference as to whether your products and services make the cut or get purchased.