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Best Practices Series: Research

Original Research Leads to Credibility and Thought Leadership

Market research is a staple of the global technology community, thanks to its ability to illuminate trends, provide insights into the forces at work, and help companies make better business decisions. Original research helps you understand your customers’ business challenges, purchase plans, and perceived barriers to adoption. It also gives you credible statistics and insights to inform your content marketing strategy — and to use in content pieces.

Two components are vital to research success:

  1. Access to the audience that matters
  2. Effective analysis and presentation of survey results that connects the dots and reveals the findings’ implications for the industry at large

Getting Started: Custom research starts with determining your goals. Whether it’s targeting the state of the cloud market or buying trends among security professionals, all research starts with an effective survey that is then fielded to the appropriate set of professionals to unearth the data that matters.

Making Sense of the Results: Once the results are in, make sure to provide context for the information.

  • Why does the data matter?
  • What does it mean for customers?
  • What does it say about the state of the market?

That context can be communicated in a variety of content formats, including infographics, white papers, presentations, webinars, and more. Custom research can be one of the most powerful ways to reveal thought leadership, gain credibility and extend your brand awareness.

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