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Geofencing: A Great Tool for B2B Marketers

Looking to take your mobile marketing game to the next level? Geofencing is your answer. Geofencing gives companies the ability to advertise to potential consumers within a specific area or geographic radius. Given the popularity of smartphones and mobile devices, it is increasingly valuable as a marketing tool for businesses to be able to market to their target audience, wherever they may go. 

There are a couple different platforms you can use for your geofencing campaigns, and each audience is different so it is important to test many different content pieces to drive engagement. We are using geofencing to target competitive events or conferences, however you could also you to target specific corporations, campuses or neighborhoods.

Geofencing campaigns on Facebook have proven to be a successful way to engage new audiences for many of our brands. When an event with a similar target audience is in progress, we can actively target people at the event and will narrow our scope by specifying interests and job roles that would be applicable to our market. The next step is to serve your defined audience ads that drive awareness, have strong call to action or even offer a promotional offer. These campaigns garner a great click through rates and are low cost options due to the short duration.

Snapchat geofencing filters are another strategy that has been employed to produce brand awareness for a low cost. While an event is in progress, you can geotarget the business or expo hall with a filter that displays the show logo and often has a fun decorative element. Attendees and exhibitors are then free to send snaps to their friends and colleagues with your event branding and not only engages your current attendees but will expand your reach to their network.

There are many uses for geofencing and testing is easy. Trying new creatives, call to actions, and targeting parameters are all ideas to employ to ensure your geofencing campaigns are as successful as possible. The key is to remember that you will serving your ads on a mobile device, so it needs to be eye catching and easy to respond or engage. Also, think about what your audience is doing at the time and make your message relevant.  Geofencing is one of the most up and coming targeting technologies, now is the time to jump and start maximizing your digital marketing effectiveness.