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Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2019

B2B marketers are refocused on brand positioning and awareness, expanding and optimizing their content marketing strategies, and placing their bets on face-to-face events when it comes to generating leads and building relationships, according to Informa Engage’s second annual B2B Marketing Trends Report. While digital continues to provide marketers a plethora of tools, whether its real-time dashboards, A/B testing, personalization, customization, or interactive storytelling platforms, marketers continue to leverage tried and true marketing tactics.

Top trends from the report include:   

Video – video is boosting email click-through rates by 200-300%, and increasing landing page conversions rates by 80%, according to Hubspot. Videos are visual storytelling platforms that entertain and engage, so it’s no surprise that 67% of technology marketing respondents from Informa’s study say they are increasing their investments on video in 2019. Custom video creation is on the rise as production and distribution costs become more accessible for companies of all sizes.

Content Marketing – the report showed that nearly half of all B2B marketers surveyed are confident in their ability to use content marketing for driving traffic and capturing audience attention. However, the long and complex B2B buying journey has made it continually problematic for marketers to track the effectiveness of individual content pieces and tactics.

Nonetheless, marketers continue to rely heavily on content marketing for 1) increasing brand awareness 2) increasing audience engagement and 3) generating marketing qualified leads (MQLs). In the tech space, the study revealed that organizations that are effective at generating MQLs use more white papers and webinars than their counterparts.

Lead Generation – the top obstacles being reported by B2B marketers are 1) Alignment between sales and marketing, 2) Budget, 3) Time and bandwidth. Areas B2B marketers feel they are doing well in their lead gen campaigns are in communicating product value and generating high-quality leads. Considering marketers are reporting that their top obstacle is alignment with sales, process and communication between the two departments is an ongoing struggle, and clearly an area to focus on.  

When it comes to lead generation, B2B marketers say nothing beats face-to-face communication for establishing and building new relationships. In-person events and trade shows are the most effective lead gen tactic for 61% of the respondents.

Events – 70% of marketers selected events as a top marketing tactic, with one-third of marketers saying they have plans to increase their event budget in 2019. B2B marketers are participating in multiple events with 67% planning to participate in five or more events annually. Marketers are reporting they are doing a good job at increasing brand/product awareness, engaging existing customers, and introducing new products and services at in person events.

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