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Online Malware and Threats: A Profile of Today’s Security Posture

This report from Dark Reading examines how enterprises are struggling to keep up as cyberattacks increase both in frequency and level of sophistication.

Today’s enterprises face a rapidly growing, more sophisticated range of online attacks than ever before, and even the most advanced and well-resourced organizations are having trouble keeping up. This Dark Reading report reflects a high level of concern over all of these attacks, and particularly those launched by phishing and social engineering.

Phishing attacks, ransomware, and cloud security are the focus among cybersecurity professionals  for the near future. Organizations report being bogged down by other security tasks, such as risk assessment and patching to keep up with the rising attacks. Threat intelligence is seen as valuable by many organizations, but only a fraction has actually implemented threat intelligence technology and processes. On the plus side, many are actively sharing threat intelligence with peers, business partners, vendors, and service providers.

Here are some of the top takeaways from our survey:

  • 58% of organizations frequently or very frequently detect phishing attacks.
  • 43% expect ransomware and 23% say the cloud will be a top enterprise security concern over the next two years.
  • 52% say they will most likely detect a malware infection via their automated detection tools.
  • 33% believe the most difficult part in responding to a threat is assessing its severity.
  • 67% believe that threat intelligence services and feeds can help their organizations better defend against threats

Organizations are under attack on multiple fronts. Phishing and common computer viruses present the significant challenges to security, but ransomware and cloud security are quickly emerging as top concerns. The tools and processes that organizations are currently using to detect and stop malware threats are useful but far from perfect. Increasingly, organizations are looking for ways to add context to their threat data, so they can focus their resources on the most important threats first.

Download the Dark Reading report Online Malware and Threats: A Profile of Today’s Security Posture to learn more.