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Perfecting Your Social Voice

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Word choice, order, rhythm and pace play a large part in the success of social posts. By creating a distinctive, recognizable and unique voice, you can set your brand apart from competitors. Carefully chosen words can be used to persuade or influence your audience to engage and purchase something from a brand.

An example of how social voice can be construed can be personified in something as simple as asking someone to pass you a piece of paper. The question can be written many different ways:

  • When you have a second, can you pass me that piece of paper?
  • Would you be able to hand me that paper over there?
  • Give me that paper.

All three of these statements incite different feelings from the reader. Order and word choice is an expression of the company’s values and way of thinking, so make sure that yours match. Here are some tips to consider when crafting your brand voice: 

1)      Use a consistent voice and tone across all messaging

2)      Know your audience, if they are fun go fun, if they are serious, go serious

3)      Reread all posts and say “is this something I would click/share/engage with”

4)      Always keep it simple- short and concise

Monitoring responses of your social voice and adapting to the consumers needs allow your company to leave a lasting impression on a consumer. Make sure that you are working to promote a clear vision of what you and your company stands for.