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UBM Launches DeusM, a New 'Marketing-as-a-Service' Company

DeusM drives engagement and value through the creation of specialist online communities targeting any combination of industry, geography, or profession

Oct 14, 2010 NEW YORK -- UBM today launched DeusM, a new integrated marketing services organization targeting the fastest growing segment of the online publishing industry: business social media.

CEOs and Social Media – It’s Inevitable

I came across this in my PRNewsfeed newsletter from PR Junkie blog and it really struck me.   This percentage in the headline below “64% of CEOs are NOT using Social Media” — does not surprise me in the least.  TANGENT ALERT:  Actually, a better takeaway is that 36 percent of top CEOS ARE using social media!    Many CEOs are — rightfully so in some cases — still about controlling the message (as noted in the blurb below) via quotes in tr

Marketing Chats: Penni Geller, CA

Penni Geller, Director, Global Field Marketing  and Associate Publisher, Smart Enterprise Exchange for CA shares her experiences on developing content and an online community for CIOs as well as her thoughts on old & new school marketing techniques with Scott Vaughan.

The Next Big Thing

Anyone who has worked in business-to-business publishing during the last decade could surely be forgiven for thinking that they have – without a doubt – lived through the most disruptive period our industry has ever seen.

Need your feedback! is creating a white paper on -get this- creating white papers.  We'd love to hear your best practices, what challenges you face, and the value of white papers for your tech company and your customers.  Let us know your thoughts and whether we can quote you. Post them here or email me at [email protected].  Thanks!

IT Industry Survey Results

UBM TechWeb Live Events Network fielded an IT Industry Survey in August 2010 to illuminate current trends in business technology, the power of events, investment in technology and provide a glimpse at what the top product interests are for business technology executives (cloud computing, virtualization, data center and IT Management).

This data will help you to better understand the priorities of active IT buyers and foster an informative dialogue.

Marketing Chats: Mitch Bishop, iRise

Scott Vaughan talks with Mitch Bishop, Chief Marketing Officer for iRise at the InformationWeek 500 Conference on the role of the CMO, key marketing initiatives and essential skills for tech marketers.


InformationWeek 500 Research

This year’s InformationWeek 500 companies are refocusing their IT efforts on innovation and growth, often after deep cuts during the downturn. It’s not the cut, cut, cut mind-set of a year ago, according to our exhaustive InformationWeek 500 research. Budgets have loosened a bit as companies try to thrash their way out of a moribund economy.

Research: Social Media at Work

How IT Decision Makers and Tech Marketers Are Using Social Media Today

Does your social media strategy match how your customers use it?

CMO Spotlight: Chris Coleman, CMO of Yakabod

Chris Coleman is Executive, Vice President of Marketing for Yakabod, a provider of Enterprise 2.0 knowledge management and sharing solutions.  Chris has launched and branded more than 200 companies worldwide and ran a technology marketing agency for 16 years.  She is also the author of two books:   The Green Banana Papers and Winning the Technology Talent War.   We figured we could learn a few things about marketing talent, marketing for a

Social Networking: Careful What You Wish For

As an independent media consultant/whore whose job it is to help companies make money from Web 2.0 technologies, I find most of my new clients divide into two groups:

In Group 1 are companies with 20th century Web 1.0 sites characterized by an utter lack of user engagement. The owners of these sites are desperate to pump some newfangled Web 2.0 life into their online properties in the form of “community message boards.”

The Next Big Thing In Business Technology

"The Social Enterprise"

UBM TechWeb CEO Tony Uphoff recently spoke at Jiveworld about what he believes is the next operating system in business: The Social Enterprise.  It's redefining the way we are all doing business. Watch his presentation and and let us know what you think! Or you can email Tony directly at [email protected].

Innovation Mandate Research: Where Does Your Company Fall?

Is Your Company Losing Its Mojo As A Global IT Innovation Leader?

For the better part of a decade, executives, economists, policy-makers, researchers and other experts have lamented the inexorable decline of the U.S. IT industry and the country’s standing as the global technology leader.  Reports with ominous titles