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Social Media at Work - CMO Spotlight:: Rainer Gawlick, CMO, SOPHOS

Social Media is all the buzz. But how does this translate to real-world action and ROI in the B2B technology world? In a new series from, dubbed Social Media at Work, we explore just that via interviews and advice from leading social media marketers.

CMO Spotlight:: Mike Sprouse, CMO of Epic Media Group

Mike Sprouse, CMO of Epic Media Group, is coming off 2009 contributing to approximately 60% growth in revenue year over year – a rarity during one of the worst economic years in this generation. He and his marketing team deploy unique strategies and tactics in an era where marketing analytics are all the rage.

Getting Stood Up

Webinars have long been a successful way for HDI (The IT Service and Technical Support Community) to engage our audience. Historically, we have offered monthly educational webinars to paid members and for the most part experienced strong opens, clicks, registrations, and attendance. 


What happens when you are ready to be social and it is just not possible?

We spend hours, days and weeks as marketers trying to master social media and this is what happens.

Technology is not so perfect.

What Makes Enterprise-Wide Roll-Outs A Hit or A Miss?

HDI, the IT Service and Technical Support Community, recently surveyed its membership regarding the factors that made their most recent enterprise-wide roll-outs flops or successes. The results of this survey shed light on some key factors for improving the transition for support centers facing an upcoming deployment.

The survey results are based on responses collected from 229 HDI members, via an online survey, from May 26, 2010 to June 28, 2010.

Download: 2010 Global CIO Survey

Growth is back on the agenda of IT leaders. There's still a great deal of caution, but that's the conclusion we see in InformationWeek's 2010 Global CIO Survey of 333 U.S. IT leaders, either C-level or VP.  Download the data charts and see what our latest research has to say about the CIO state of mind.

White Paper Research

UBM TechWeb brings you the latest research study, focusing on how professional IT buyers utilize white papers. With detailed analysis about what makes a white paper great, this comprehensive report includes white paper usage and actions taken among B2B audiences, and provides technology marketers with best practices to engage and activate business technology decision makers.

Martha Stewart And Social Stars Reveal 6 Twitter Engagement Tips At TWTRCON 2010

That’s right folks. The queen of household luxury is an astute entrepreneur who uses Twitter to create greater brand awareness and also to draw direct revenue from it. At TWTRCON 2010 – a gathering of organizations who use Twitter to advance their business – Stewart and several social leaders revealed their success secrets.

What I Learned About Engaging Government IT Professionals

I had the privilege of spending the day with more than 200 Government IT executives at InformationWeek Government IT Leadership Forum last week in Washington, DC.  Besides soaking in the monuments and the beauty of our Nation’s capital on my way in and out of town, I took away some valuable insights about what motivates this group of decision makers responsible for $80 billion (billion with a “b”) in IT spending.

CMO Spotlight:: John Dragoon, CMO of Novell

John Dragoon is the Senior Vice President, CMO and Channel Chief of software provider Novell.  John has deep experience – holding marketing leadership roles at IBM and most recently online commerce provider ATG – in all aspects of global high tech marketing, including channel marketing and management.   My conversation with John really got me thinking about the wide, sweeping impact of marketing across the organization.  John shares hi