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CMO Spotlight:: Brian Kardon, CMO of Eloqua

Brian Kardon is CMO of the marketing automation firm Eloqua.  Brian and the Eloqua team have engaged with over 750 marketing organizations on how to improve their marketing results and focus on marketing as a revenue driver.  So we caught up with Brian to learn what the CMO of a marketing automation firm thinks about the present and future of marketing in an era of measuring all things marketing.


HDI Practices and Salary Survey

The 2009 HDI Practices and Salary Survey is presented against the backdrop of a difficult economy, both in the United States and the world, but as seen from the data, the IT support industry is working hard to maintain its commitment to service and support.

Key data points include:

2010 - The State of Storage

Get to know your target audience' pain points and priorities. Download the new InformationWeek Analytics research report on 'The State of Storage' and find out what  331 business technology professionals reveal about an alarming state of affairs when it comes to enterprise storage.

InformationWeek Analytics - Private Clouds

Private Clouds: Powerful Convergence or False Promise?

IT leaders rightfully debate how extensively they should embrace cloud computing techniques inside their data centers, and what kind of benefits they’ll get. But make no mistake: Private clouds do offer a new and powerful data center strategy.


IT People are Social, Really!

IT people are using Social Media Networks.  A surprise?  I think so.  Our previous research (of IT folks) over the last 2 years had shown minimal use or active engagement.  In the latest UBM TechWeb “Social Media at Work” study (April 2010), we found that more than 13% of technology decision makers’ time is spent on social networks.  Just as eye opening, more than 40% plan to increase their use of social media. The stats and the trend show a big change in embracing social media.

New Research from eMarketer Shows Significant Online Ad Growth Through 2014

I went to an eMarketer breakfast in Boston last week, and wanted to share some interesting stats.

eMarketer projects a 45% increase in internet ad spending from 2010 to 2014. Online ad spending will rise from an estimated $25.1 billion in 2010, to an estimated $36.3 billion in 2014. Furthermore, online ad spending will continue to increase in share of overall total media spending, from 15.1% in 2010 to 20.3% in 2014.

The Future of Live Media

Talk about an audacious headline! I was asked by CEMA: The Corporate Event Marketing Association, to host a panel discussion on this daunting topic at our Interop Exhibition and Conference in Las Vegas back in April this year.

Research on Social Media Provides Gap Analysis between Tech Professionals and Tech Marketers’ Preferences & Usage

Research Guides Tech Marketers on How to Use Social Media to Connect with Tech Decision Makers

San Francisco, CA – May 26, 2010 – UBM TechWeb just released a social media research study that provides a comprehensive portrait of how technology professionals and technology marketers are using social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs.  The study, “Social Media at Work,” is the first study of its kind

CMO Spotlight:: Dick Reed, CEO of Just Media

Dick Reed is CEO of Just Media, a global media buying agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a thought leader in tech marketing media and communications strategy.  Dick’s creativity and experience has driven many of the leading tech firms to work with him and the Just Media team, including EMC, McAfee, Juniper Networks and VMware.  We recently sat down with him to get his take on the present and future of media and where tech marketers should focus their  resources and budgets. 

High-Value Content Key Driver of Demand Gen – Why is it so Hard

After thousands of engagements with marketers and serving millions of IT decision makers, we know there is no one silver bullet that assures your demand generation program is a success.   What continues to be true – and even more so today – is that delivering high value content remains the #1 expectation of IT decision makers and why audiences register and download.