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Online Discoverability Tips

A lot can happen in a second online.  In just one second, there are 12,964 Instagram photos uploaded, 50,000 Tumblr posts, and 400,000 Tweets.  Among this enormous amount of user-generated content, is your content.  How do you ensure that your target audience sees your intended communications?

PR Newswire Vice President of Content Marketing, Sarah Skerik, shared her tips at this month’s Content Marketing World.  Sarah focused much of her advice and tips around press releases, and how you can get them promoted so your target audience will see them.

  • Have a news hook
    • Provide a twist
    • Localize a national story
    • Nationalize a local story
    • Embrace contrarian
    • Personalize data
    • Release something new
  • Tie your thought leadership to timely, relevant events
    • The example Sarah used is FM Global Insurance, who quickly responded to a Hurricane Task Force Report released by the government by issuing a press release about their relevant disaster insurance information. 
  • Use editorial calendars to inform your strategy and timing
    • Most media sites and publications share their upcoming editorial calendars – spending some time creating content around the topics they already have planned will give you a leg up on what the industry will be talking about at that time.
  • Leverage sponsored/owned content
    • Take advantage of research and data that other companies generated in your own releases and stories by highlighting the statistical piece that is most relevant to your target audience.
  • Find, connect with, and quote the people who care
    • Send relevant content to someone who is important in your market, in the hopes that they’ll share it socially with their networks.
  • Press release formatting tips
    • Headline length – should be between 80-130 characters. Search engines will pull 65 characters, the Associated Press will show 80, and your Twitter headline,100 characters.
    • Use multimedia elements – visuals draw eyeballs.
    • Dump the speed bump – give your intended audience a reason to get past your initial sentence. Don’t slow the read down with a long description of your business in the first few lines.
    • Embed a call-to-action – embed a link near the top of your press release, rather than the bottom – and link it strategically. Think about helping the reader, and not solely about SEO.

Use some if not all these tips to make your content discoverable.  Remember - just because you created it, doesn’t mean your intended audience will see it.

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