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Personal Messaging in B2B Marketing

Frequently, the idea of personalization in business to business marketing is seen as a dead end. B2B marketing is, essentially, one business talking to another. A faceless collective speaking to another faceless collective. But on the other end of every email, every mailer, every tweet, is a person. A person with attitudes and opinions and an outlook on life that will end up influencing their decision in the same way that a price chart and infographic might. These are the gatekeepers that can allow or deny your message. Building a relationship with that one person can keep your messages flowing for years to come.

Here are four simple and effective ways to craft personalized marketing messages.

Understand the pain points of the person you are speaking to
It’s not enough to understand and address the needs of the business you are marketing to. You must understand the needs of the individual you are speaking to. Talk directly to them. Show that you understand them as an individual. What can you and your product and service do to make their lives easier while also benefiting their business?

Frame your messaging as coming from a reliable source
Testimonials can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. People naturally tend to trust firsthand experience. One very effective way to express that you understand the needs of your customer is to discuss your own personal experiences facing similar challenges. If you were in their shoes, you would certainly want to buy your product, wouldn’t you?

Reveal something about yourself
Being funny or expressing a clearly defined ideology in your pieces can be a minefield for a marketer (Don’t believe me? Google ‘social media fails’). While caution is advised, don’t let yourself be scared off from adopting a tone and a viewpoint. Creating a unique, personal voice can go a long way towards establishing your brand in the marketplace.

Get the whole team involved
Let’s say you’ve reached your audience. What’s the next step? Who is the friendly voice (or keystroke) waiting to help them take them through the buying process? Take this chance to introduce them. You are a business, but a business made up of competent, friendly individuals that they are going to enjoy working with.

Could you see an area in your marketing plan where messaging like this might work?


Modified post from UBM Canon.

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