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The Pillars for Effective Face-to-Face IT Events

In February 2014, UBM Tech conducted an online survey of nearly 600 business technology professionals who attend IT industry events to determine why they attend, and what their expectations are from vendors before, during, and post event. One of the key findings revealed that IT professionals attend an average of only 4 events annually to gather in-depth information on emerging technologies, network with their peers, and learn about new products and services to help them make smart decisions for their businesses.

ExecutiveEventsKey study takeaways:

  • 66% say the number one draw is interest in the subject matter; security, mobility, big data and cloud are the favorite topics for IT professionals in 2014
  • 64% say they want a combination of objective industry trends and vendor specific content
  • 70% say that information from a vendor that addresses an attendee's current needs will lead to follow up conversations
  • 43% would like post event communities to exchange ideas with fellow attendees

The results show why it’s important for tech event marketers to offer content in formats that include insights from subject matter experts, peers and technology vendors. Download the full presentation to read more about our survey findings and discover tips on how to produce a winning event.

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