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PR Newswire: Marketing Content Survey

PR Newswire completed a survey examining how Marketing professionals are developing, using, managing and tracking their use of content.  Some of the key highlights include:

  • Creating content that leads to desired behaviors from prospects/customers is the biggest challenge reported by both agencies and organizations, and for both this is closely followed by measuring content's contribution to achieving business and marketing goals.
  •  While company web sites and emails are the most popular content distribution channels, direct mail is just as popular with agencies. Social venues (Facebook/Twitter) are more heavily utilized by organizations than agencies.
  •  Content is most frequently used for acquiring and nurturing leads, prospects and customers – by over 75% of respondents. More than 50% use content to convey thought leadership and over 60% use it in support of product launches.

For more full results, download the full report now.  The survey is ongoing, please participate!

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