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Research: Adoption of Cloud Services by IT Professionals Has Doubled in Two Years

First ever Interop ITX research report also reveals only 28% of IT professionals expect to use private cloud for new projects in 2017

Interop ITX, the independent conference for tech leaders, today releases its first-ever industry research report highlighting the state of cloud computing. The report entitled, 2017 State of Cloud, was compiled based on the responses of more than 300 technology professionals and provides a thorough analysis of one of the technology industry's most critical resources - the cloud. Interop ITX's detailed research explores influences of the cloud today, concerns, management, security and cost, and what it has in store for the future.

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The technology industry is in a state of constant growth with the immersion of new innovations, research and professionals breaking into the field. One resource in particular has completely broken the mold - the cloud. As cloud adoption continues to grow, so do questions about its future. The 2017 research report, based on a survey conducted in 2016, was divided into key topic areas to best outline the state of cloud computing and how IT leaders can benefit from it moving forward.

state of cloudCloud Today: Is Private Cloud Usage Dying Out?
A reflection of its mass influence on the technology industry, the report found that the amount of professionals obtaining IT services from the cloud has increased over recent years. Two years ago, only 20% of respondents predicted that they would get half or more of IT services from the cloud - that number has almost doubled today. The future decline of a virtualization-based private cloud was also apparent in respondents' future plans, estimating another 12-point drop between current and future usage and only 28% expecting to use private cloud for new projects in the next year.

Cloud Concerns: Embracing the Public Cloud
More than 50% of respondents identified the two most significant challenges in performance of cloud-based applications as the design of the application and Internet bandwidth. Fully embracing the public cloud solves these issues, but attempting to bolt a private cloud onto the public cloud does not.

Cloud Management: Are Professionals Missing the Main Benefits of the Cloud?
According to research findings, more professionals do not automate or orchestrate workloads than those who use true "cloud management" software, so many users are not realizing some of the main benefits of the cloud. Additionally, the lack of effective cloud management hampering the effectiveness of cloud deployments is only going to get worse – 85% of respondents reported using more than one cloud provider, a number that is likely to increase.

Security & Cost Control: Fear for Technology Vulnerabilities
While cost is often an initial point of discussion around cloud adoption, most respondents' concerns about the cloud have to do with security. These concerns increasingly have less to do with overall worries public cloud is insecure and more to do with technology and application-specific concerns. Nearly 60% listed security defects in technology as one of their top three concerns.

Cloud Tomorrow: IT Leaders Need to Stay Ahead of the Game
Today's enterprises have realized that if they don't start adopting new technology earlier, they will likely be crushed by upstarts who do. The typical enterprise IT adoption cycle is far too slow; but there are too many new technologies and vendors to try them all. The report suggests following one strategy to begin looking towards the future with new technology such as the cloud – adoption.

"Interop ITX has made strategic changes to ensure it's delivering the most valuable and timely content for its audience - the 2017 State of Cloud report is part of that initiative," said Interop ITX General Manager, Meghan Reilly. "The cloud is such an incredibly important facet of the technology community and its leaders, however there are still so many unanswered questions as we moved towards the future. The findings detailed in this report uncover what that future of the cloud will look like and how IT leaders can stay ahead of the curve while planning for tomorrow."

To download the full report, please visit:

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