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Research: How to Capture IT Buyers’ Attention Year-Round

80% of IT buyers are more likely to visit the booth of an exhibitor if they have heard of, read about, or connected with the exhibitor before the event.

The third annual Tech Event Marketing Insights Report studies the behavior and preferences of technology professionals around industry events – before, during, and after an event.

POP_CoverTo download the 2017 Tech Event Marketing Insights Report, please visit: 

The key takeaways:

  • The average IT buyer attends three events every year, giving marketers only a few opportunities each year to make an impact on them.
  • Vendors should reach out to attendees at least a few months before an event to pique the prospect’s interest in learning more about a brand. Eighty percent of IT buyers are more likely to visit the booth of an exhibitor if they have heard of them, read about them, or connected with the exhibitor before the event.
  • Ninety-two percent of respondents said they like it when vendors promote their presence at an upcoming event with a discount code.
  • Business technology buyers are interested in meeting with internal subject matter experts – not just sales reps and marketing executives – at the event. Seventy-seven percent of IT buyers say they find product managers most helpful at exhibitors’ booths.
  • Meaningful post-event follow-up is critical. Seventy-nine percent of IT buyers believe vendors should follow up within one to two weeks after the event. More than one-third of buyers are interested in receiving additional research or information; 38% were open to an email from a salesperson.
  • Events are one of the most effective B2B marketing tactics because they can result with real return on investment. Fifty-six percent of IT decision-makers contact an exhibitor after visiting with them at an event, and 54% have purchased a product or service based on information they gathered at the event.

“Events are one of the most effective ways for B2B companies to get valuable face time with potential buyers. However, marketers don’t spend nearly enough me planning how to maximize those interactions before, during, and after each event,” said Amy Doherty, Director of Research, UBM Americas. “Our survey shows business technology buyers’ primary reasons for attending trade shows and conferences is to keep up on industry trends and evaluate technology solutions. To deliver on these expectations, a marketer’s event strategy needs to engage buyers throughout the year, instead of just before an event or on the expo floor.”

The research was conducted by UBM Americas, and the data is based on survey responses from 220 business technology professionals who attend tech trade shows. Analysis and report was provided by MarketingProfs.

To learn how to capture attention, build stronger relationships and win customers, download the 2017 Tech Event Marketing Insights Report:

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