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Research: IT Buying Triggers - How Tech Purchases Are Ignited

UBM Tech research has provided insight into the complex enterprise organizational purchase process, with the goal of guiding technology marketers to deliver the optimal information for their customers’ needs.  We first began our research series examining the technology purchase process more than 10 years ago.  This year, we are pleased to continue our research tradition with the release of our report IT Buying Triggers: How Tech Purchases Are Ignited & How the Buy Goes Down.

This report is based on new 2013 quantitative research which delves into the technology buying triggers of 730 business and technology professionals involved in the purchase process for technology products and services such as security, networking, data center, software-as-a-service, enterprise software and/or wireless mobile technologies at their organizations.

The technology buying process is accelerating, and vendors must be part of the purchase process earlier than ever. Technology marketers must understand the business and technology factors that trigger a new buying process, how IT buyers justify their investment, and the criteria used in the final selection.

Download IT Buying TriggersHow Tech Purchases Are Ignited & How the Buy Goes Down for the complete picture of this year’s findings.

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