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The Risky Business of Managing Risk

Metrics, data classification, governance, compliance—and vendors—are all part of the risk management equation.

This new InformationWeek report, written in conjunction with Dark Reading editorial, dives into the unfortunate reality that many organizations are only paying ‘risk management lip service’ and aren’t making security decisions based on risk management metrics.

The first roadblock? “Many organizations we talk to don’t know themselves,” says Chris Triolo, VP of professional services for HP’s enterprise security products division. “In other words, what are their critical assets? Where is there sensitive information? What are they trying to protect? These simple questions — and the answers — are the first fundamental step in building a risk management program.”

Marketers need to be able to answer all of questions for their prospects and customers– even if they’re not yet being asked - and show how their products and solutions can fit in the risk management equation.

To learn more about the current state of organizations’ risk-based security management download the full report:

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