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Short Video on how Mobile is the 7th Mass Media (with most upside)

Short (under 5 minute) video worth watching where Tomi Ahonen talks about how mobile is not only the 7th Mass Media, but is potentially the most capable. 

Golden Nuggets:
* No new media kills an old media... print will survive...
* Mobile is newest mass media, least understood, as different from Internet as TV was from the radio
* Every bit of content created for radio went to TV (sports, news, drama, etc.)
* TV invented content that could not be done on radio.  Music videos on radio is just music.
* Every bit of content ever created on the Internet WILL BE ON mobile. Maybe not as good. It doesn't have to.
* Mobile will have a vast # of services that won't work on the internet (the way TV doesn't work on video)
* Example: Ringtones
* Mobile opportunity will be far bigger than internet
* Concerns over screen size, tiny keypads are "rubbish"
* PC: two primary forms of input - keyboard, mouse
* Mobile much better on input..7 inputs.. Camera, Video, 2d bar codes, motion detection, location detection....
* All 7 media will continue.  Internet is little brother. Mobile is the big opportunity. That's where the money and the growth are.